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Renewal at school in 2019-2020

For parents who work full time, an extension is a vital necessity - after all, classes in elementary school end at 12-13 hours. There are not so many families who can afford the services of a nanny or use the help of grandmothers, and the rest think in advance about the options for what their children will do after classes in the 2019-2020 school year.

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What to give a friend for New Year 2020: gift ideas

Friendship is an important aspect of human life, especially when it comes to women. To correctly choose a gift for the best friend for the New Year 2020, you need to know her preferences exactly. Of great importance is the age of the girl. Depending on how often friendly meetings take place, you can choose something symbolic or symbolic.

Spring Equinox Day 2020

Spring does not always come on a calendar. Often we complain about unpredictable weather surprises in the first days of March, although nature with the onset of the month is only preparing to please us with warmth and the first rays of the sun. The vernal equinox is an event that is most often associated with the onset of real spring.

Matches of the Russian national football team 2020

We will try to find out what matches the Russian football team 2020 will see in the upcoming qualifying rounds for the 2020 European Championship with the help of the official calendar of this vibrant and spectacular tournament. European Championship Qualifying Tournament 2020: How did Dziuba and Company prove themselves in the first rounds of the selection?

Pension indexation in 2020

Socially vulnerable sections of the population need special support from the state. How effective will be the indexation of pensions for non-working and working pensioners in 2020? Federal Law No. 49-ФЗ dated 04/01/2019 introduced some adjustments to the formation of payments. Odds for 2020. The new calculation system will affect approximately 12% of non-working pensioners.

Transition to electronic workbooks since 2020

The program "Digital Economy" in our country for many years has, in fact, been the basic doctrine of the development of Russia. And its tasks include the direction of modern IT developments and opportunities for the general informatization of administrative processes, the organization of a single information field in which the laws of the absence of obstacles for monitoring various aspects by interested parties, simplification of the procedures for obtaining all kinds of supporting papers, paperwork would apply.

New Audi 2018-2020

Popular cars from Audi are known worldwide. Not only that, Audi continues to move forward, and does it quite confidently. The company produces cars in an individual format, while retaining such qualities as sportiness, power and elegance. The release of new Audi products from the 2019-2020 model year will allow us to conclude about the effectiveness of the updates, which will certainly affect the number of cars purchased.

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Fashionable women's shoes 2019-2020

Navigation Fashionable shoes fall-winter 2019-2020 Fashionable shoes spring-summer 2019-2020 Fashionable shoes are the very touch that should complete any female trendy look. Do not forget that a pair of sandals, shoes or boots can both add zest to the set and become a powerful weapon of seduction, and spoil the whole impression of the outfit.

Planting carrots in 2020: calendar

The lunar sowing calendar, which many gardeners and gardeners adhere to, says that for planting carrots in 2020, you need to choose the days when the moon wanes. The root crop loved by Russians is planted in the fall or in the spring. It gives an excellent harvest, if you follow the basic rules of cultivation. The nuances of autumn planting carrots Not all lovers of growing vegetable crops know that carrots can be planted in the fall.

Quarantine in Moscow schools 2019-2020

With the onset of winter, the number of patients with influenza and other diseases regularly increases in Russian cities. Most of all, doctors are afraid of viral diseases, such as flu or measles, which have the ability to spread rapidly among citizens of the city. Another flu epidemic in Moscow.

2020 the widow or widower

Couples planning to get married are wondering if 2020 will be a widow or widower. These are mainly people who believe in popular signs and superstitions. Whether 2020 is a favorable year for marriage or spouses are waiting for separation and misery, we will examine further. Signs of the people and superstition According to popular beliefs, a leap year is an unfavorable time for marriage.

Horoscope for 2020 for the Tigers

What kind of relationship can there be between a small rodent and a huge cat? Certainly incredibly emotional and unusual. In all situations of life there will be many bright moments and passions. It would seem that completely incompatible animals, according to the forecasts of astrologers in 2020, can organize a successful tandem, complementing and attracting each other.

Predictions for Ukraine for 2020

Predictions and prophecies are listened to in the 21st century no less than in ancient times. History has shown that many visions of psychics were destined to come true with amazing accuracy. For residents of Ukraine, the forecast for the near future is especially important. With the hope of a peaceful and happy time, Ukrainians are interested in forecasts for 2020.

OGE in Social Studies in 2020

Finishing 9th grade in 2020, you plan to choose as an exam for the selection of CSEs in social studies - we offer today to find out what changes FIPI plans to introduce in KIMs, as well as when the date of the GIA-9 will be known. According to statistics, more than 60% of all graduates choose social science as the subject of choice.

Anniversaries of composers in 2020

Over a long period of history, music accompanies a person at every turn. In 2020, a large number of anniversaries of composers will take place, both long ago leaving this world, and those living and continuing to create wonderful works. The jubilee dates of composers in 2020 will allow us to once again recall and honor the memory of genius and talented people who left mankind a wonderful gift - music.

Earth population by 2020

What will be the population of the Earth by 2020, if in the near future an obvious shortage of useful resources can be observed on its individual continents? According to experts, the planet’s potential is not unlimited, although at the moment it is only a matter of water and food supplies. But already in the next few years, as the depletion of mineral deposits is depleted, the pace of industrial development may also decline.

Names of girls by months for 2020 according to the Orthodox calendar

Families who plan to have a baby next year will probably be interested in how to best name their child. If young people expect a girl, then they will not ignore the names of girls for the months of 2020 according to the Orthodox calendar. It is no secret that lately interest in the heritage of our ancestors is held in high esteem.

Predictions for 2020 for Ukraine

The current situation in Ukraine is still of interest to many. Everyone discusses it: politicians, experts, astrologers, psychics, ordinary citizens. Everyone wants to know how the further situation will develop in Ukraine, because it is precisely because of the events taking place there that relations between countries are heating up in the world.

Lazarev Saturday in 2020

The coming of the Resurrection is preceded by several holidays filled with deep symbolic meaning. One of them is Lazarev Saturday. It is associated with the story of the resurrection of Lazarus, described in the Gospel. It is the resurrection that gives a special meaning to the holiday, deepens its connection with Easter.