Pregnancy calendar for 2019-2020

Doctors say that it is impossible to plan the sex of the future baby with absolute accuracy. Despite this, many couples, especially those who have at least one child, will need a pregnancy calendar to find out the date when in 2019-2020 they can conceive a baby of a certain gender.

The gender of the baby depends on which sperm fertilized the egg. Female (XX) are more viable, they can live up to a week. Men's (HU) die faster. Therefore, if a couple dreams of a son, then "work" on him must be either on the day of ovulation, or the next, otherwise the probability of conception of a girl is high.

If there is no desire to resort to the services of modern medicine, then you can try to conceive a boy / girl, calculating the right moment in one of the ways proposed below.

Chinese method

Programming the floor using this method is recognized as one of the most accurate. Developed it on the orders of the imperial family. At first, it was available only to crowned persons. Today, everyone can use it.

It is based on the age of the mother and the month of conception (not childbirth). But when calculating it is necessary to take into account that in China, the report of the number of years goes from the moment of conception, and not the birth. In addition, in the table, the numbering of the months is not according to the Gregorian calendar, but according to the eastern calendar.

Japanese method

According to the method developed in the Land of the Rising Sun, the birth date of his parents has an effect on the floor of the baby. Using a table is quite simple. It is necessary to remember the number located at the intersection of the months of the birth of mom and dad, and then find it in the second table and choose the best day for love pleasures, which will result in the birth of a baby of one gender or another.

By blood

There are several methods to conceive a boy or girl, based on knowledge about the blood of parents.


This method of planning is based on the fact that the blood of one of the parents is younger, and the baby will be born of this gender.

It is believed that in men blood is renewed every 4 years, in women - every 3. To determine the age of blood, you need to divide the exact age by 3 and 4, where the remainder will be less, and younger.

Attention: blood renewal occurs not only in the indicated period, but also after operations, donation and other situations of its active loss.

Blood type and Rh factor

There is an opinion that the sex of the child depends on the group and the Rh factor of the blood of his father and mother. Below are the calculation tables. However, the accuracy of this method can be doubted, because the indicated blood characteristics do not change throughout life, but the same parents give birth to heterogeneous children.

Moon calendar

The heavenly luminary, according to the opinion of astrologers, affects the sex of the child. So, boys often manage to conceive while the moon is in the constellation Sagittarius, Libra, Leo, Gemini, Aries, Aquarius. If you conceive a child during the stay of the Moon in the constellations of Capricorn, Scorpio, Virgo, Cancer, Pisces, then with high probability a girl will be born in 9 months.

Those planning a pregnancy for 2019 and dreaming of a daughter / son are advised to use the following table to determine favorable days.

The moon influences not only whether a boy or girl is born, but also what kind of character the baby will have.

  1. In the new moon, weak-minded babies are conceived. Such children grow up as vulnerable people who find it difficult to defend their own opinions. They can not boast of good health.
  2. Children conceived during the rising moon become innovators. They are open to everything new. They are kind and sincere in their relations with other people.
  3. If the child was conceived when the moon was on the wane, then in the future he will please parents with good health, strong character and determination.
  4. In the full moon, the conception of emotional, sometimes even too, children occurs. In the future, they will be guided by feelings, rather than common sense, which will cause corresponding problems. It is also believed that pregnancy, which began during the full moon, is problematic.

Funny signs

And finally, to predict the sex of the child, as some say, signs help. Of course, all of them are nothing more than a funny fiction.

  • So, it is believed that to conceive a girl, it is necessary to put a comb and a mirror under the mother’s pillow so that a boy is born - an ax or a toy tank. The birth of a little boy promises the use of men's pants instead of a pillow, however, like a man’s headdress worn on his mother’s head during intercourse. But if the future father ties a female head scarf to his head, then there is a chance that he will be able to conceive a daughter.
  • The result of the fulfillment of conjugal duty on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, according to legend, is often the birth of a girl.

  • There is a version that couples with a regular sex life have more boys born. But there is a completely scientific explanation for this. Frequent ejaculation provokes the production of more Y chromosomes in semen.
  • Some believe that the sex of the future baby can be influenced by diet. So, “male” products are meat, potatoes, mushrooms, vegetables and fruits of the phallic form (eggplant, zucchini, bananas, etc.), pickles. Girls love sweets, milk, fish, cereals, greens more.

All the methods proposed above can help in planning the child’s sex, however, we recall that no one will give a 100% guarantee. Often, even uzists can not determine who settled in the stomach of a woman, seeing a crumb on the monitor. Fortunately, this intrigue will last only 9 months, because everything will be known in the hospital. Although, as many parents say, the main thing is not that the boy or girl was born, but that the baby was healthy.

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