Scenes for the New Year 2020

The patroness of 2020 on the eastern calendar is a rat. Despite the fact that it can be called a pet, it does not accept silence and tranquility. To please the mistress of the year, we advise you to think over the scenario of the New Year's meeting in advance. We are sure that there will definitely be a place for a sketch in it.

Preparatory stage

The success of the event largely depends on competent preparation for it. Before the meeting of the New Year with entertaining scenes and contests, it is necessary to solve several important problems.

  1. Decorate the room. Install the Christmas tree, hang garlands and / or balloons. If you wish, you can decorate the walls with New Year's posters with comic content.
  2. Stock up with the necessary props. Depending on the chosen celebration scenario, it can be: Whatman paper, felt-tip pens, pans, task plates, dice, balls, etc. (navigate according to the scenario of the scene). Do not forget about costumes / masks for the characters of the production.
  3. Buy gifts for guests. As a rule, those invited to the celebration take an active part in the New Year's scenes. It is advisable to encourage their participation with presentations, while there is no need to purchase something expensive. So, sweets, fruits, stationery, coloring books, etc. can be suitable gift options for babies, a bottle of good alcohol, a box of chocolates, Christmas tree decorations, etc. are suitable for older people.
  4. Prepare a playlist. When composing the script for the New Year 2020, think about the musical accompaniment. Include winter hits and songs from theme films and cartoons.

Multiple scenarios

Since 2020 is the year of the Rat, in addition to Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, this rodent should become the main characters of the New Year sketches. If there is no desire to play one of the scenarios proposed below at the festival, it is not forbidden to stage any work where a rat appears. For example, The Nutcracker, Crocodile Gena and his friends. But, we must admit that there are not so many fairy tales and cartoons with rats, even when compared with the mention in books of mice, which are considered to be their closest relatives.

For children


  • Santa Claus (D.M.);
  • Snow Maiden (C);
  • Cat Leopold (K.L.);
  • Shapoklyak (Sh);
  • Mice
  • Rat (K);
  • Piglet (P);
  • Leading (B).

Musically accompanied by guests gather in the hall. The host appears.

AT: "Wider circle! Wider circle!

Hello, our cheerful friend!

Coniferous clothes, resinous leg!

A wonderful day is coming - the New Year is coming!

Feast of laughter and venture,

Holiday of happiness for children. "

The kids dance around the Christmas tree, and at this moment Shapoklyak runs in.

W: "Ah, wait! Oh, help! Help me, in the end, after all!"

AT: "Oh, who granted this visit? Who are you, guest dear?"

W: "What? Didn’t they recognize me? Me, Madame Shapoklyak herself ?!"

AT: "Friends, what did she say? Shmaklyak? Gag-gag? I didn't hear!" (Everyone in the choir speaks)

W: "Ahhh! I repeat, help me urgently! I demand!"

AT: "What happened to you, madam?"

W: "I lost Lariska. We were always with her, and we loved to sing ... (she starts singing" Who helps people ... ") And here, on the very eve of the holiday, she disappeared."

AT: “Everything is clear with you. Friends don’t run away from good people. Do you agree? And then, right before the New Year, when Santa Claus gives gifts only to good kids. So she ran away from you.

W: "And what am I to do now? Where to look for her?"

AT: "Yes, it's simple! Look how many guests have come for the holiday. Come on, Larisa, come here. (Larisa come out) Well? Where is yours?"

W: "What are you saying ?! My Lariska is with a tail, with a mustache, with gray ears!"

AT: "With a tail and a mustache? I don’t understand anything! What does she need? Who is she looking for? (Participants of the event answer:" Rat! ")

W: Yes! Yes! And again - yes! Guessed it! Please find my rat Larisochka! And I promise to be good, be nice! Moreover, without it, the New Year will not come! "

AT: "And why is that?"

W: "Because 2020 on the Eastern calendar is the year of the Rat!"

AT: "I see! Only now I'm afraid of rats myself. But, maybe friends will tell us who is not afraid of mice and help us find your Rat. Who could it be? Who will help us catch your Lariska?" (Answers of children).

To the song from the cartoon "Cat Leopold" Leopold rides a bicycle.

L: "Hello, dear guys! What a wonderful holiday! How nice to look at you! How friendly you are! Oh, how smart you are! Funny! Admit, you recognized me? Yes, yes, I am Leopold the cat. And I am very glad that you invited me on your holiday! "

AT: "Leopold, hello, my friend! Help us, please!"

L: "Always moore, please! What happened?"

W: "My rat has disappeared, and you must find it!"

L: "What is it! I went on a holiday to play with the kids, have fun, celebrate the New Year and Santa Claus, because I behaved all year well and did only good deeds. And then there were orders, and in that tone too! I I refuse! "

AT: "What to do ... Help! Leopoldushka, we really need to find a rat, otherwise the New Year will not come. Help, please! And we will sing and dance for you."

L: "Okay! Just, chur, I am ordering a song. Let’s do a miracle now - first revive our magic forest. Who will be the forest, raise your hands. Well done! And who lives in the forest? That's right, animals, birds! Who will be bears? How are they growling? And who will be the hogs? Well, now the owls have flown. How are they shouting? And now we are depicting a forest. Three, four! Well done, and now with a song about the New Year's forest, and around the Christmas tree! "

The song "In the New Year's Forest" is playing, the children are dancing. After that, mice ride out on scooters to the song Crazy Frog, make a circle around the Christmas tree, and then they begin to dance and involve the students.

Mice: "Wow, we arrived on time! How many guests are here! How fun it is!"

L: "Look, Shapoklyak. Here you have rat mice. Choose your Lariska."

W: "No! It's some ro-o-kera! And my Lariska-rat is well-groomed, brought up by me, beautiful and generally clever! Like me!"

By music, the mice start the game “Pass the icicle” (like a hot potato), with the words “Here is your Lariska!”, “Catch!”, “Now she is here!” etc., until the icicle falls into the hands of Shapoklyak.

W: "Wow! This is an icicle, not my Lariska ... I don’t play like that!"

M: "Come on! Don’t be upset! We just joked a little. I suppose we did something dirty for everyone here? But how are we having fun! And so you don’t be sad, we will give you a song!"

Pupils dance and sing the song "Snow, Snow" around the Christmas tree, perform movements.

AT: "How wonderful you are dancing and singing! But still, someone on our holiday is missing. Who?"

The boy replies: "Santa Claus!"

AT: "That's right. Let's play with you and call him! I say a phrase, and you chorus answer" Yes! "Or" No! "

Is Santa Claus known to everyone?

And does he come to everyone?

Santa Claus is a good old man?

Wearing a hat and galoshes?

Will he come soon?

And will bring gifts?

Santa Claus is afraid of a cold?

Is he friends with the Snow Maiden?

Well the answers are given to the questions,

You all know about Santa Claus.

Now let's call Santa Claus together! "

Everyone's calling. And at that moment the host discovers a Rat under the tree.

AT: "And who is this?" (Pulls the new hero by the tail, in his hands is a bag of chocolates)

TO: "Ay-ah-ah-ah. And I'm already here!"

AT: "Santa Claus?!"

TO: "Yes, and what doesn’t look like - well - well? Have you lost weight, la-l-l? Now we’ll fix the situation! Gifts are with me! Ho-ho-ho-ho! I have a whole bag of them, and if you play with me, then and you will get it! Divide into teams. I will teach you how to play your favorite game. I love to carry candies! Like this! (shows how to take a candy without hands) Go ahead! Who’s faster! There are no losers, everyone got a candy! "

W: (Tenderly) "Wait, wait! The same tail, the same ears, the black nose and the cunning little eye! My precious rat! (Strictly) Lariska! Where did you wear it? All the nasty things!"

TO: "Shapa, don’t shout! I’ve visited the Internet club! It’s hanging on the site!"

The song "Russian Santa Claus" sounds. Children start to sing along. Santa Claus and Snow Maiden enter the hall and start a round dance.

D.M .: "Hello guys!

I remember exactly a year ago

I saw these guys.

A year passed like an hour

I didn’t notice.

And here again among you

Dear children!

Santa Claus didn’t forget you,

He brought a winter song.

Get into the circle soon,

Hold hands tightly

We will sing songs

Glorify our Christmas tree. "

FROM: "Grandfather, look, but the Christmas tree is sleeping and does not burn with lights!"

D.M. "Don’t worry, granddaughter. Now we’ll sing, and the Christmas tree will wake up and sparkle with lights!"

A song about the Christmas tree is played, and children and heroes of the scene lead a round dance.

Background voice (imitating a Christmas tree): "Ah, how long I slept.

Thank you, kids!

You woke me, you dressed me!

I wish you happiness, joy, goodness on this holiday! "

W: "What a Christmas tree! (With a flick of the wrist, he steals a toy from the Christmas tree and hides it in his bag) Santa Claus, and look how beautiful and elegant we all are today."

D.M .: "Yes, yes, I see. Well done! I see that you also stole the toy. Why?"

W: "As a keepsake, but what not? I want a present too!"

FROM: "Come on, grandfather, we’ll make a presentation of the costumes. You only get presents!"

Heroes take turns students in fancy dresses, Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden give presents.

M: "And we believe that in such beautiful costumes you should definitely dance."

TO: "Exactly! Let's dance!"

To the music, the heroes demonstrate movements, and the participants in the event repeat them.

P: "Oink-oink, I! I was almost late! Oink, what a blessing I managed! I have to pass the annual relay. Where? Where is this rat ?! Well, hold on (gives her the key for next year). Don’t be afraid, open the doors more boldly New Year! Now it's your turn to ensure that the year is successful for everyone! "

L: "Happy New Year! Congratulations!

And of course we wish! "

M: "Be beautiful, kind, sweet!"

W: "And loud and pugnacious!"

Together: "And be sure to be happy!"

D.M .: "We played very friendly,

Sang songs, danced!

And for this you friends,

I'll give presents! "

FROM: "Parting is coming,

But we mean:

Goodbye - goodbye

In the new, next year! "

D.M .: "Sorry friends,

Need to say goodbye.

It’s time for everyone to go home.

Happy path to you guys!

Goodbye, kids! "

Teachers take pupils to music for presentations.

For adults

Diversify corporate can be in small thumbnails. As a rule, costumes, long speeches and lengthy preparation are superfluous. We offer to play the following funny scenes for the New Year 2020.


The characters are a couple of office workers (1 and 2).

Voiceover: "Ordinary Russian office. Morning. January 11th."

1: "Hello! How did you celebrate New Year?"

2: "Oh, the holiday was a success. It was unbelievably cool. I SO celebrated the New Year, that they later called me from the program" Directed by myself "and said that they had never seen SUCH like that."

1: "That's what, so I celebrated the New Year so that now I see myself on YouTube more often than in the mirror."

2: "And under my pictures" VKontakte ", generally arranged a chat."

1: "On New Year's Eve, my retired neighbor was sleeping on the table, who came at three in the morning and asked me not to make noise."

2: "And my neighbor now, seeing me, with fear in his eyes says:" The carriage is waiting for you at the entrance, Duke! ".

1: "I woke up on January 1 and started eating salad ... without raising my head."

2: "And we found a herring under the coat of his wife."

1: "Yes, they still call me from the police and ask when the next party will be."

2: "Yeah ... Well, actually, how did you celebrate the New Year?"

1: "Yes, my wife and I went to my mother-in-law. Boredom."

2: "The same garbage ..."

About the Christmas tree

Impromptu scene to which you can attract as many people as possible.


  • Leading;
  • Herringbone;
  • Blizzard;
  • Frost;
  • Coward bunny;
  • Angry wolf;
  • The horse is leggy;
  • Little man;
  • Firewood.

As you already guessed, the participants will have to emotionally play the events of the famous song "About the Christmas Tree". Roles are distributed either by the host or by the draw. After that, the presenter reads the lyrics, and the actors improvise. In the end, everyone joins hands and leads a round dance around the Christmas tree.

If you suddenly forgot the lyrics, print this cheat sheet:

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