Full moon and new moon in december 2020

Thanks to the lunar calendar, you can always be aware of which of the four phases the moon is in: new moon, growing, full moon, waning.

This will help you plan your business for the month. After all, knowing exactly what date of the full moon is in December 2020, you will know when it is better to spend time with your family, when to pay more attention to work, and when to relax and meditate.

What is the full moon and new moon?

The new moon is the phase when a new moon is due to appear. It is difficult to see with the naked eye. At such a time, people show apathy, aggression, irritability, exacerbation of heart disease. It is advisable not to plan serious matters, since there is a great risk of collapse.

With the full moon, the Earth’s satellite is at the peak of growth. During this period, living creatures improve metabolism, increase activity, and feel extraordinary vivacity. Any business you undertake will succeed. But, when there will be a full moon in December, it is recommended to keep your own emotions in check so as not to frighten off luck.

Moon phases

Using our lunar calendar, you can minimize the negative influence of the queen of the night sky.

Date / Day of the weekLunar dayMoon phaseMoon effectZodiac signNote
December 1, 202016, 17Waning+-TwinsA calm, balanced day.
December 2, 202017, 18Waning+CancerSpend time with your loved one. The day is perfect for a wedding.
December 3, 202018, 19Waning-CancerBe on the lookout. Problems can come out of nowhere.
December 4, 202019, 20Waning-CancerDevote yourself to the household, try not to go out in people. Bad day.
December 5, 202020, 21Waning+-a lionWell meditation, relaxation. Be alone with yourself.
December 6, 202021, 22Waning+a lionEnergetic, positive day. Physical activity will benefit health.
December 7, 202022, 23Waning+VirgoReflect on your life experience, chat with mentors.
December 8, 202023Third quarter-VirgoDo not start new business. Spend your day measured.
December 9, 202023, 24Waning+-LibraTake care of your health, physical and spiritual.
December 10, 202024, 25Waning+-LibraGet enough sleep and get some rest. If you work in trade, success awaits you.
December 11, 202025, 26Waning-ScorpioRefrain from any activity. Save your strength.
December 12, 202026, 27Waning+ScorpioYou are lucky. If you have any difficult problems, you can easily solve them.
December 13, 202027, 28Waning+SagittariusGood day for serious purchases.
December 14, 202028, 29, 1New Moon-SagittariusThere is a risk of being cheated. Be careful.
December 15, 20201, 2Growing+CapricornStars favor you. You can safely take on any undertaking.
December 16, 20202, 3Growing-CapricornWatch for manifestations of emotions. Possible increased irritability.
December 17, 20203, 4Growing+-AquariusGood day for new acquaintances.
December 18, 20204, 5Growing+-AquariusBefore you make a decision, think carefully so as not to get into a mess.
December 19, 20205, 6Growing-AquariusTry to pay off your old debts.
December 20, 20206, 7Growing+FishToday you are very charismatic, any communication is easy.
December 21, 20207, 8Growing+FishIt is recommended to spend time with the family, this will help to improve family ties.
December 22, 20208, 9First quarter+-AriesA great day for travel, travel and business trips.
December 23, 20209, 10Growing-AriesNegative day. Try not to get involved in conflicts.
December 24, 202010, 11Growing+AriesGet creative or spend time with your loved one.
December 25, 202011, 12Growing+calfAny plans will lead to a good result.
December 26, 202012, 13Growing-calfAvoid clarifying the relationship. Devote a day to good deeds, such as charity.
December 27, 202013, 14Growing+TwinsIf you think carefully about your behavior, you can learn a lot of useful things.
December 28, 202014, 15Growing+TwinsToday at work, you will expect success.
December 29, 202015, 16Growing-TwinsPossible complication of relationships with others.
December 30, 202016, 17Full moon+-CancerGood day Devote his hobby.
December 31, 202017, 18Waning+CancerIt's time for self-development and creation.


How to minimize the impact of the new moon in December 2020:

  • Do not drink alcohol.
  • Show patience, do not succumb to provocations and do not enter into conflicts.
  • Keep your composure.
  • Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Try to avoid long trips.
  • Do not start things that require thoughtfulness and attention.
  • Watch your health, do not engage in vigorous activity.

Scientific tests have shown that a strong half of humanity is most affected by the night luminary in the new moon.

And when the full moon approaches in December 2020, it is recommended that you especially control your emotions, since increased activity of the nervous system can let you down.

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