Symbol of the year 2020 on the eastern calendar

The symbol of 2020 is the White Metal Rat. In eastern countries, this is a faithful faithful companion of the god of happiness. You can say a lot about this symbol. This is a sign of fidelity, performance, sociability, pragmatism, quick wit, charm, courtesy, cunning, charisma. But the rat can also be stubborn, envious, ruthless, revengeful, manipulative.

Sign Characteristic

Most of all for a charming Rat, the work is not of a performer, but of a creator. People born this year are more likely to work in the business sector together with an active partner who knows how to complete the business they have started, thanks to a responsible attitude to work. They can succeed in almost any business, able-bodied, diligent, persistent.

Rats are sociable, sociable, always ready to help, have many business partners, friends. They have amazing organizational skills, so they are always ready to lead people to a common goal. Rats are cheerful, characterized by an inexhaustible source of creative ideas. They prefer not physical work, but mental work. These are excellent businessmen, journalists, politicians.

Professions that fit this mark:

  • Lawyer.
  • Accountant.
  • Financial activities.
  • Broker.
  • Writer.
  • Leading.
  • The writer.
  • Programmer.
  • Manager.
  • Journalist.

Throughout life, the symbol of 2020, seeking opportunities to cash in. Representatives of this sign always seek enrichment. They grab at every opportunity to improve their lives. The material side is of great importance for the people of this sign. They are quite thrifty and economical. But sometimes, they are wasteful, they acquire a lot of unnecessary things, which they could do without.

The charming Rat, a symbol of 2020 on the eastern calendar, converges with people with amazing ease. However, he often tries to make useful contacts that can bring her at least some benefit. She often uses her charm for selfish purposes. Her sympathies are rarely constant with one person. If a person becomes unnecessary to her, she begins to manipulate him, treat him inappropriately.

Rats are open personalities, they always want to find understanding among others. Throughout life, they are happy to take care of their family, parents, generous with children, spouse, friends. They feel happy when they are supported.

People born in the year of the Rat love children very much. There are a lot of them in their family. However, often they behave like children themselves.

Lucky colors: green, gold, blue.

Lucky numbers: 2, 3.

Celebrities who were born in the year of the Rat - Leo Tolstoy, Jules Verne, Jack London, Peter I, Prince Charles, William Shakespeare, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Emil Zola, etc.

Characteristics of men born in the year of the Rat

Men prefer professions that are characterized by constant movement, communication. In any case, they strive for excellence. Representatives of this sign are real pragmatists, hardworking, straightforward in communication. They are smart enough to multiply what they have. Danger is their element, but they will not risk thoughtlessly taking unjustified risks.

They have wonderful manners. They behave courteously, with dignity in relations with women, especially attractive. The rat man, due to his charm, will always achieve the favor of the lady. They are often not faithful to their spouses, as they are quite loving. Rarely can anyone resist their charms, charm, as they are unsurpassed masters of flirting.

Men show generosity only in relation to close people. In life, they are very thrifty, always keep something in reserve, rarely throw something away. They like to live a full, full life, to be in the spotlight. Sometimes rats men are not restrained, cutting and rude, but smart enough to use the trust of others in their interests. This sign is distinguished by excellent health. Rats find a way out of any hopeless situation, as they are resistant to various problems.

Characteristics of Women of the Year Rat

The woman of the Rat sign is sociable, lucky, charming, attractive, energetic, but most importantly, sexual and passionate persons. They easily attract men, since they have a full set of seduction. They are an object of universal admiration, attention, as they are distinguished by a special charm, openness. They like to be in the center of events, to attract attention, to feel the eyes of enthusiastic men.

Women of this sign are alien to loneliness. They need constant communication not only at home, but also at work. Their trust must be earned; they always remember who provided services to them and in what way. The Rat woman is ready for anything only for loved ones, a loved one who appreciated her. They become tender lovers if they feel caring, attention, devotion from the side of a loved one. She needs a sense of security, safety from her spouse. Women have plenty of good rats, and few real friends.

A typical Rat is an excellent tactician, an attentive partner, knows how to maintain trust, respect of colleagues. She always keeps her colleagues informed of events, shares with them the necessary information received. The sign’s plans are graceful, but based on real possibilities. Although she can earn enough money, the Rat spends it very quickly.

The symbol of 2020 as a whole can be called a minion of fate. Minor flaws in the character of the people of this sign are easily attributed to their merits. It is pleasant and easy to communicate with them, comfortable to live. Many people are happy to listen to their advice.