New Year's corporate party of 2020: cool scenarios

In anticipation of the winter holidays and New Year's Eve, large concerns and small companies organize corporate parties. Most often, the event is handed over to professionals, but if there is a “special” assignment from the boss or your own desire, then it’s easy to pick up some cool scenarios.

New Year corporate party 2020 will be held by the host and Santa Claus. Individual parts and contests can be replaced or new ones added.

Scenario 1

The appearance of fairy-tale heroes at the New Year party in 2020 does not occur immediately, but after colleagues congratulate each other, make a few toasts and are ready for the unfolding action.


"How many beautiful holidays,
Everyone has a turn.
But the best good holiday
Favorite since childhood - New Year!
Will roll on a snowy road
Round the snowflakes round dance.
So mysterious and austere
Comes to the heart of the New Year! "
The host takes a glass filled with champagne and approaching those present, starting with the boss, gives him the floor with a general congratulation for his colleagues, and after that the competitions begin.

For carrying out it is necessary to identify 6 volunteers of both sexes. When the couples are selected, then 6 chairs are installed with the backs to each other, on which the men sit. Any oriental dance is included and the girls are dancing in front of their partner. The main thing is that the beauties try as much as possible. This is easy to achieve, if the facilitator encourages one girl or another.

At the end of the melody, each man is given the opportunity to speak out which part of his partner’s body during the dance was the most impressive for him. Sometimes men are embarrassed and call something neutral: a brush, an ear, a knee or a face.

Leading: "The essence of the competition is that the place designated aloud must be endowed with a passionate kiss."

So, kissing the "neutral" knee and abalone turns into a fun sight. After the competition, a break is made for the exchange of impressions and relaxation of the participants.


"And again the smell was eaten, we sat down at the table.
May your faces be happy
So soon the solemn hour will come -
To a good tale you all looked! "

It turns out Santa Claus.

Santa Claus: "Hello guys, how did you grow up this year. I have prepared several puzzles for warming up:

In the summer I walked in the park

And the pattern saw bright

I wanted to consider it,

Suddenly the halves closed

And the picture flew away. (Butterfly)


A blue sheet covers the whole world. (Firmament)

When you need him, they throw him away,
but became no longer needed - raise. (Anchor)


The more you take out of it, the more huge it becomes. (Pit)


A sieve hangs, but not a knitting needle. (Web)

Although I see that some have been shaving for a long time (addresses to a young man), and some are still not (to a bearded man). Well, since you are already big, we can play like an adult. Define the sexiest man in your team. "

Selected 5-7 willing or not, to participate in this action. A rope is attached to each player’s belt with a mandarin mandrel attached to it. The height is chosen so that the fruit reaches the floor. Before the participants light cardboard or plastic boxes are installed. Without using hands, it is necessary to push the box to a predetermined finishing point. Anyone who wins the prize gets a bottle of champagne.

Leading: "Well, now it's time to enter the New Year 2020 and leave the old one in the past! When crossing an obstacle, make a wish in your mind, just don’t tell anyone to make it come true."

The symbolic section is depicted with the help of a long Christmas garland tied to far-standing chairs. The height is chosen sparing, taking into account the narrow dresses of the ladies present.

Final word.


"The corporate is coming to an end,

I wish health, happiness

So that dreams have an embodiment,

In this coming year!

Let there be money, strength and patience,

Success in your future endeavors

Worker all the time mood

But sometimes soar in the clouds! "

Scenario 2

The meeting of the new year 2020 for the adult team is particularly piquant and humorous. For small companies where it is not envisaged to hire outsiders, organizing a corporate party in the form of contests and games assembled in one scenario is perfect. An organizer is selected from among the colleagues who will assign tasks. To help himself, he chooses the Snow Maiden, who will help. Informing the role in advance is optional. It is much more interesting if the "election" will also be held in the form of a competition.

Leading: "To help me, I need a fabulous beauty, otherwise what a New Year without the Snow Maiden!"

  • Competition "Kiss of the Chef". 5-6 employees are selected. Each of the participants needs to kiss the leader, even if the boss is a woman. With a small acting game and the addition of grimaces and grimaces, the action will look funny and provocatively. The most artistic employee becomes the Snow Maiden. The presenter designates her image with a crown or hat.

Now she becomes the co-host of the evening. And immediately the next competition is held.

  • A host with an assistant is chosen by several men. They sit down in chairs arranged in a row, throwing one foot over the other. The leg of the leg located on top rolls up to the knee. Opposite the chairs, the Snow Maiden becomes, the task of colleagues is to melt the snowy beauty. For this purpose, they utter the maximum number of compliments they are capable of. The girl’s task is to say, from whose pleasant words she “really” melted.

Host: "In fact, we have a different winner (it looks according to the situation, maybe everything coincided?). Snegurochka is a young and shy girl, how can she admit in such a decent society that in fact she has melted, not from compliments. And from the amount of vegetation on the legs of the brutal man himself. "

All participants are seated in their places, the winner is awarded a symbolic gift. After the break, the host picks up the head of the company from the table and gives him the task.

Leading: "How long have you heard good words from our beloved leader? Notice, today he has prepared!"

  • Tactile contacts between colleagues are rarely accepted in the teams, and the boss is given the task, you need to hug your subordinates and give a compliment: you are smart, you are responsible, you are polite. If compliments are bad, then you can prepare letters in advance on which these words will be written. And let the chief read them and give them out at his discretion.

Leading: "And among those who did not get the letter, we will conduct an additional casting for the symbol of the year."

  • 2-3 participants are selected, who will run around the hall, depicting the animal of the coming year. You can get on all fours, play around in the hall in search of a mink, hastily gnaw a crust of bread. But if colleagues still did not guess, publish a characteristic mouse squeak. The winner is determined by a spectator vote, and they put on a hoop with mouse ears.

Leading: "Let the main Rat of the New Year 2020 pronounce a toast to colleagues!"

After the next feast and dances, contests are held as a whole block.

Leading: "It seems that today we will have to choose not only the symbol of the year, but also the best speaker for the news program on our television"

  • Participants who are selected no more than 3 are invited to read any tongue twister from the sheet, it is advisable that this be a well-known pun, for example, "Sasha walked along the highway and sucked a dryer" or "Karl stole corals from Klara, Klara stole the clarinet from Karl." At the apogee moment of the feast, even this phrase will be beyond the power of half of the adults. The winner of the competition is awarded a bottle of champagne instead of a microphone.

Leading: “It turns out that on television you need not only an announcer, but also a prompter. Only the most plastic and graceful will be selected for this role. We’ll check your talents”

  • The task is pronounced in the ear to two participants. Using pantomime, portray your chef. Trying to imitate characteristic gestures, facial expressions, copying gait. That participant coped with the task, the game of which his colleagues guessed.

Leading: "At the end of our evening, it remains to play only one contest, but it is the most fun, for those who agree to perform it as a gift is a bottle of brandy or champagne."

  • The participant needs one when a person is found, they explain to him that it is necessary to offer "Privat-services". The host or Snegurochka dial any number of numbers on the phone, after the subscriber answers the participant must offer the intimate services of Santa Claus (Snegurochka) on New Year's Eve for a plate of olivier. At the same time, try not to laugh, but at the end apologize for the anxiety and wish the person a Happy New Year.