Fashionable colors fall-winter 2019-2020

Fashionable colors surround us everywhere - whether it is trendy hair coloring, a stylish outfit or a modern interior. Color perception has a direct impact on our emotional sphere and state of health, forms a certain mood and lifestyle. The activity of Pantone Color Institute is devoted to the study and development of fashionable shades. What color palette in clothes to give preference to, what colors are the most fashionable in the new season - the Pantone colorists verdict for 2019-2020 you will find out right now.

How Pantone defines a fashionable palette

Panton is an American company that developed its color matching system, which later became an international standard. Manufacturers of paint and varnish and printing products, representatives of the automotive industry and pharmacology, where the observance of tone accuracy is so important, are guided by Pantone standards. And, of course, designers and fashion designers who develop clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture, interior elements, makeup trends and shades of hair colors.

Panton colorists work closely with psychologists, physiologists, and sociologists, given sociocultural, political, and economic factors. Peculiarities of the perception of a particular color are studied on volunteers, and based on the data obtained, a group of experts makes its verdict for next year. They define several leading shades that are recommended for use in the fashion industry, printing, interior, digital industry, etc.

The colorists are trying to collect all the moods prevailing in the sociocultural environment in a single tone. But far from always this succeeds - and therefore at the output we immediately get a whole palette of diverse colors for every taste. The Pantone verdict should not be considered the ultimate truth - their fashionable colors are just a general trend. This is the starting point from which designers should take off when creating their products, cladding a shade in a certain shape according to their own idea.

One thing is clear: Pantone View color samples are always very bright, vibrant and beautiful shades that can delight and inspire creativity. Fashionable colors fall-winter 2019-2020 in women's clothing according to the Panton version, we will consider further.

According to Pantone Institute Executive Director Litris Aisman, the new palette is as diverse as ever. She allows fashionistas to choose exactly the shade that will best reveal her personality and create the right mood. The new collection includes 12 bright colors designed specifically for the new season 2019-2020, and 4 neutral shades that serve as the base and successfully shade the main tones.

Eden (Eden)

This rich green color is designed to remind everyone of nature - its beauty, majesty and mystery. It is rather muffled, but bewitchingly deep, reminiscent of the dense coniferous and deciduous forests, keeping many secrets and mysteries.

Eden is a shade of adults who are wise in life experience, wise and confident. The wearer of the Eden palette knows her worth; she is regal and calm, balanced and strong in spirit.

According to Panton colorists, Eden will successfully combine with other colors of the fashion range 2019-2020 - Orange Tiger and Dark Cheddar. The clothes of dark green color will suit many, but it will especially look beneficial to the owners of green eyes, emphasizing their depth and beauty. If the outfit is successful, Eden will add a figure of harmony and become a universal design of the image - everyday, evening and business.

Orange Tiger

Juicy orange is the embodiment of the energy, strength and courage inherent in a striped predator. Of the orange palette, Orange Tiger is the most saturated and vibrant. Not every representative of the weaker sex can afford herself a glowing shade. First of all, it is recommended for the “autumn” and “winter” color types, but for “summer” and “spring” images it is preferable to use colorings not in clothes, but in accessories. “Orange Tiger” has a unique property - it makes the skin more fresh and youthful.

From fashionable combinations, sets of orange with black, brown and blue will organically look. For the summer look, you can pick up more cheerful vibrant tones - blue, purple and pink. Orange Tiger is able to perform both in solo mode and as an interesting bright accent in the bow.

Bluestone (Blue Stone)

The Pantone colorists endowed them with the cool blue tint epithet “calm determination”. It is characterized by a certain dustiness - the presence of gray halftones that muffle the initial saturation of the blue-blue gamma. Some designers even see gray-green blotches in it, claiming that Bluestone is a very complex and multifaceted color.

“Blue Stone” brings a sense of calm, stability and self-confidence to the face of its carrier. Both young young ladies and age ladies can safely use it in clothes.

Despite all the rigor, Bluestone is suitable for creating playful and romantic images. But the only caveat - as a mono-solution, the shade of blue stone is not recommended. But in tandem with azure, cobalt, gray, bronze, coffee and chocolate, he will sparkle with new half tones.

Galaxy Blue

The deep dark blue color serves as a reminder of the infinity of the Universe and distant, invisible galaxies. The mysterious, intriguing and pacifying shade of “brooding dreamers” is dedicated to intellectuals and true thinkers. According to psychologists, a deep blue color is preferred by self-confident, decisive, purposeful and responsible people.

“Galactic Blue” is a heavy color in itself, so there shouldn’t be too much of it in the set. But diluted with light gray, white and beige, Galaxy Blue becomes more harmonious and calm, and for contrast, you can add several details to it in black, red and brown. The best accessories for Galactic Blue will be silver and gold jewelry. It is worth paying attention to jewelry with blue stones - sapphire, lapis lazuli and topaz.

Dark Cheddar

The “cheese” hue was created through a harmonious combination of orange and yellow. The output was a very warm and cheerful color with notes of audacity and nobility. Novelties of autumn clothes made in the color of “Dark Cheddar” promise to become an uncompromising trend.

The soft combination of Dark Cheddar will make up with a cream shade - with it it will become more muffled, but will not lose its sophistication. Successfully contrasts the “cheese” shade with the olive - it becomes richer and more attractive. Clothing made in the Dark Cheddar color is a good solution for the appearance, in which there are shades of gold - red hair, light eyebrows, freckles on the face, peach skin tone. The shade loves dense matte fabrics, just appropriate in clothes for the cool season 2019-2020.

Sugar Almond (Sugar Almonds)

The most “delicious” shade of the palette proposed by Pantone Color Institute specialists is a combination of walnut and caramel tones. Against the background of a dominant brown hue, the color of caramel (ocher) adds warmth. In general, Sugar Almonds can be characterized as the color of fallen leaves scorched by the sun, or a cup of coffee with almond topping.

An inconspicuous but confident shade can become the starting point from which fashionistas will build on, making up their wardrobe for the fall-winter 2019-2020. Thanks to the excellent combinability, Sugar Almond manages to create chic combinations. In a duet with warm and cold tones of pink, you get a contrasting bright mix. With yellow things, “Sugar Almonds” will sound more refined and reverent, but the mossy and olive colors will help to create a calm and muted image.

Fruit Dove

Bright pink shades for the cold season, as a rule, are not typical. But with the light hand of the Panton colorists, women of fashion in the fall and winter of 2019-2020 will be able to dress in the colors of the Motley Pigeon - this is the name given to the experts by the new-fashioned pink.

A juicy and warm shade will certainly appeal to cheerful extroverts, cheerful and restless. With Fruit Dove, the fair sex will not be able to go unnoticed - the main thing is that the palette is to your liking and impressed with your character. A bright provocative color should suit the “winter” color type, and in combination with white it will become a universal option for any type of appearance.

You can pick up a pair of brown colors to the “Motley Dove” shade, but the colors should match the degree of temperature (warm / cold). The best complement to pink is light accents and accessories in lilac, blue-gray, beige, cream, light green.

Photos of fashionable images Fruit Dove:

Rocky Road

Unlike Sugar Almonds, Rocky Road has a distinctive nobleness, depth and neutrality. The color of dusted stones only at first glance seems simple and flat - looking closely, you can find notes of burgundy and lilac in it. Someone will find chocolate tones in the shade, giving it versatility and a muffled expression effect.

Rocky Road makes up the “delicious” combination with white, black, gray, yellow and red. “Rocky Road” with leopard accessories — scarves, shoes, bags, and large jewelry — will look good. You can play with other shades of brown, chocolate and terracotta. It is not necessary to select too complex solutions for such a color - it is multifaceted in itself. The simpler the palette, the more expressive the female image will be.

Peach Pink (Peach Pink)

Pantone specialists in the 2019-2020 season turned out to be more supportive than ever before. Proof of this is a variant of pink in pastel peach colors. It is used primarily to create a gentle romantic image, regardless of the age of the woman.

From a psychological point of view, the shade is also very favorable - it sets up in a positive way, improves mood and relieves anxiety. “Peach pink” is one of the few colors suitable for creating total look images when the entire outfit is made in one tone.

In the clothes of Peach Pink, girls of the “spring” and “summer” color types will look good - it will emphasize a beautiful skin tone and a noble tan. An ideal combination will be with other pastel palettes - cream, beige, creamy, as well as snow-white.

Crème de Pêche (Peach Cream)

This representative of the pink community looks even more tender than the previous one. This is a classic pastel shade with a predominance of light peach undertones diluted with snow-white. “Peach Cream” really evokes associations with a light French dessert - tender and sweet. It will suit the same gentle, dreamy and romantic natures who appreciate the subtle sublime relationships.

The use of Crème de Pêche in outfits should be extremely careful - stylists do not recommend overloading their image with “creaminess”. It’s best to choose a peach undertones as an accent or the only attribute in the ensemble. When creating onions, preference should be given to close companions of creamy peach - gray-brown, red-brown, grape, dusted with blue.

Biking Red

The strong and powerful color, which received a sonorous name, surprises with its brightness and appeal to the eye. The developers of the Pantone Color Institute claim that the spirit of adventure was laid at the heart of the shade, with which you can safely go on a journey through the fashion world.

Confidently use Biking Red can only representatives of two color types - “spring” and “winter”. It perfectly combines with the contrasting color of the skin, eyes and hair, as well as a golden skin tone. The hue, strongly associated with wine, is able to visually slim and reduce unwanted volumes. In this matter, he can easily come up with an alternative to black - the recognized “genius of harmony”.

Chili Pepper

Trendy colors of 2020 in clothes are a bright self-expression, a steady taste and piquancy. The embodiment of all these characteristics was the most passionate shade according to Panton - Chili. It is called the color of Latin American tango - passionate, emotional, charging with inexhaustible energy.

Fashionistas who choose the Chili Pepper shade in their outfit need to be prepared for the fact that they will become the center of attention at the event, and simply on the street. Therefore, you need to select extra tones, accessories and decorations with extreme care so as not to overload the image. “Pepper” color can be combined with representatives of the bronze, grassy, ​​beige, sand, gray-brown palette. Designers claim that it will fit the same interesting shade of pepper scale as the “Stalk of pepper”.

Pantone 2019-2020 Neutral

Neutral, but no less expressive colors of the new season are presented in such options:

  • “Vanilla cream” - an elegant and restrained pastel shade to create exquisite combinations with any representative of a contrasting palette;

  • “Evening blue” - more muted than “Galactic blue”, but also more characteristic than “Blue stone”, is used to create restrained images;

  • “Turtle Dove” is a light gray color, which is ideal for forming elegant business and everyday sets;

  • “Guacamole” - under this name is an olive-green color with a slope in the shade of avocado or bright moss, in the image it can act as a refreshing accent.

Analyzing the fashionable palette 2019-2020 from Pantone, we can conclude that it is dominated by bright colors, atypical for the fall-winter season. But the more interesting and multifaceted promises are fashionable images that embody individuality and a subtle sense of style.

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