Pensions in 2020

By 2020, the average pension dimension in Russia will be about 16 thousand rubles. This is certainly positive news, which will be welcomed by all pensioners who in 2020 go on well-deserved vacation. However, despite such an increase in pension, the new pension reform has some drawbacks that will greatly upset future pensioners. What are these shortcomings, and what are the plans for the government at the expense of pensioners, we learn in more detail.

Not so long ago, on all TV channels showed the appeal of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin to the people with a message about the upcoming pension reform. The head of state expressed his opinion on the new rules, and also provided adjustments that would subsequently cause corrections to the bill. It is known that, according to the documentation of the law No. 489161-7, it is planned to increase the retirement age, respectively from January 1, 2019.

What changes will occur in the decree number 489161-7 for pensioners

We will analyze the main points that concern pensioners and people who plan to go on an appropriate vacation by age from 2020. According to the requirements of the decree, big changes will occur:

  1. The restriction on the pension age for women is increasing, which will be not 63 years, as was originally proposed, but 60 years.
  2. Citizens who planned to retire according to the current rules effective until December 31, 2018, should know from January 1, 2019 that the time for retirement will be reduced by 6 months, which depends on the terms established for the reform.
  3. Mothers with many children will receive preferential accruals provided in the form of a reduction in the age of retirement. Moreover, this age will decrease from 3 to 10 years, which depends on the number of children.
  4. Employees of the age, at their request, are allowed to undergo vocational retraining for public funds on a par with youth.
  5. Workers whose activities are associated with hazardous and harmful production, will still be able to go on a well-deserved rest prematurely.
  6. If a citizen of the Russian Federation has not reached the required age, but at the same time corresponds to the pre-retirement age, desire or due to personal factors, quits his job, then he can immediately go to the stock exchange (register with the CH) and receive a benefit for one year in the amount of at least 11280 rubles for one month.
  7. If employers wish to reduce the number of employees reaching pre-retirement age, they will have to bear responsibility for what they have done. In addition, it is planned to organize an incentive for employers who will be willing to hire citizens at a young age.

It is interesting! In addition to all the benefits, the regional authorities received an order from the head of the country to provide for the organization of benefits for people who have reached almost retirement age. These persons are men over the age of 60 years and women from the age of 55. Preferential charges will apply to such services as public transport, the absence of the need to pay taxes on property and land, as well as subsidies for housing and public utilities and medicines.

Who will retire from 2019-2020

According to the latest amendments announced by the Russian president at the show on August 29, 2018, the age for transition to retirement was expanded to 60.5 and 55.5 years for men and women. Before the amendments, it was planned to raise this age to 61 and 56 years from 60 and 55 years, which are valid until the end of 2018.

A corresponding reduction in the age limit is also provided for a group of citizens reaching a pre-retirement age of 60/55 years from 2020. For these citizens, it is possible to conclude an insurance pension earlier - for half a year. Prior to this, such an opportunity was provided only in the age period of 62/57 years.

It is interesting! Citizens of the Russian Federation will receive insurance pensions according to criteria such as old age, disability and loss of breadwinner.

Thanks to the six-month privilege, future pensioners will be able to adapt mentally and materially to the upcoming changes in the pension decree. Now you can prepare for retirement from 58-59 years for men and from 53-54 years for women. Workers retiring later than 2021 and later will have time to adapt to the changes and will be able to go on a well-deserved vacation on the basis of fundamental rules.

How to find out the age of departure for retirement vacations - we calculate on our own

According to the new bill, now every potential pensioner will be able to calculate independently the time of departure to retirement. For this, there is an appropriate formula for calculations:

Estimated retirement year = V + N months

It follows from this formula that N is the number of months in which there is a delay in retirement according to the new bill. The number N depends on V, and for the calculations you need to look at Appendix 1 to the bill.

Modern grandparents will not look for numbers that need to be substituted in the formula, so it is advisable to present the values ​​in a tabular form. The table below provides information on retirement ages. This table has its drawbacks, as it is difficult to understand.

It is difficult for an ordinary Russian to understand what the concept of “Year of a person reaching the age of V” means. In addition, having learned the value of V, you will also need to carry out calculations using the above formulas to find out the retirement age. So it turns out that it is almost impossible to find out the age of retirement in Russia.

For the convenience of calculations, the table below shows the years of birth and the already calculated numbers for the transition to retirement.

Putin's explanation of the simplification of the pension decree

The age of sending to retirement in other countries is much higher than in Russia, only this topic has been a painful one for Russian citizens for a long time. For the first time, the country's president needs to decide on retirement ages. V.V. Putin at the show on August 29, 2018 explained why serious corrections are planned.

The President honestly said that without reform it is impossible in any way. The number of able-bodied people decreases every year, thereby jeopardizing the possibility of state payments for pensioners. The new law has the following main goal - to preserve the pension system and increase the economic level for pensioners. Putin was also told that innovations in demographic policy have contributed to an increase in life expectancy, and changes in pension laws will improve the life of the population. And this applies to citizens of Russia, retired and retiring.

Planned retirement age reduction for women

According to the bill, which was sent to the State Duma, it was envisaged to increase the age category of retirement for women by 8 years. However, an amendment was introduced by the leader of the state, and instead of 8 years, he proposed to dwell on a 5-year increase in the age level.

What benefits will be accepted for mothers with a large number of children

Women who have given birth or adopted 5 or more children receive the right to early retirement. According to the bill, this period is reduced by 5 years. Putin recommended attributing to the group of mothers with many children, women who gave birth to 3-4 children. In addition, depending on the number of children, the time for retirement will be reduced for such a period.

What amendments will affect future pensioners 2019-2020

In order to simplify the process of adaptation of pensioners to innovations, it is planned to carry out the adjustment of the timing of retirement in stages. Initially, the decree was based on the transition to retirement in the next 2 years, according to the old law, but Putin initiated to reduce this period to six months.

In addition, the president introduced a new concept, as pre-retirement age. What does pre-retirement age mean? This is a period that covers the five-year age of potential retirees. If a woman turns 50 years old, then this means that she has a pre-retirement age. For men, this value is from 55 years old under the old law.

Also, it is important to note that Putin proposed the following innovations in defense of pre-pensioners:

  1. Punish unscrupulous employers who terminate the employment contract or refuse to hire potential retirees. For this they will have to bear not only administrative, but also criminal punishment.
  2. Connecting measures to reinforce working mutual relationships.
  3. Confirmation of the program that persons of pre-retirement age are entitled to free retraining or advanced training.
  4. Raising rates for people entering the labor exchange because of unemployment.

Seniority to retire in advance

There is also interesting information for those who went to work at an early age. If earlier they could stop working prematurely from 40 and 45 years, then under a new decree this age is 37 and 42 years.

What changes did not occur in the new decree

It is also worth considering some presidential amendments that did not affect the changes:

  1. The retirement time for men is 65 years.
  2. Appointment of benefits for persons engaged in harmful and unsafe craft.
  3. Restrictions for large mothers with 5 or more children.

Indexation and increase in pension contributions since 2019

Thanks to innovations, it is calculated that the size of the profit of non-working pensioners will increase. All profits that will accrue from the postponement of the deadlines will be redirected to increase payments to insured pensioners. Such measures will contribute to conservation, but also increase the state of people. The device for annual profit indexation will be incorporated in the new bill, which will positively affect the increase in the size of the pension, which will outstrip inflation.

According to the calculations, from the beginning of 2019 there will be a significant increase in pensions, which will exceed the increase in inflation. The profit of pensioners in the first quarter will increase by 7%, and the premium will increase by 1000 rubles. At the same time, the average pension will be 14400 rubles for 2018. If you take into account the profitability of the early years, then its size was no more than 400-500 rubles.

It is interesting! For the period of 6 years for which the new reform is designed, it is planned to increase the amount of payments by 1000 rubles or more every year. By 2024, the profit bar for pensioners will amount to 20,000 rubles. However, this figure is averaged, and will be calculated individually for each pensioner.

Retirement from January 2019 - schedule

The original version of the law provided for an increase in the retirement age over 10 years for men and 16 years for women. If we take into account the innovations of the head of state, then the entire period of the reform will swallow the 10-year period and affect all Russians.

At a speech, Putin announced that the timing of the provision of pension contributions would be as follows:

  1. For men from 1959 and women from 1964, retirement time will be reduced by six months. According to the old decree, potential pensioners would go on vacation in a year.
  2. For men born in 1960 and women born in 1965 raising the age of retirement will reach 1.5 years.

All subsequent individuals will retire in accordance with the developed strategies of the Russian leadership. The only exceptions are women who were born in 1969 and younger. The Russian government has suspended the increase in seniority for a group of citizens. Now it is possible to receive an insurance pension no earlier than at the age of 60.

New information on increasing seniority for men

Initially, the project provided for an increase in the term for retirement by 1 year for all age groups. The bar was reduced by 0.5 years due to the intervention of the President of Russia. These innovations affected citizens born in 1959 and 1960, and all other values ​​remain the same.

With such actions, men of the initial category by the age of 1959 will have an increase of only six months. The second category will receive an increase of one and a half, and the third by three years. After that, it is planned that the age of retirement is constantly increasing until it reaches the limit of 65 years.

How to increase female retirement age

The innovations in the pension decree included raising the age of women before retirement to 1 year until their age is 63 years. This threshold has been reduced to 60 years. Now consider the result of raising the female retirement age:

  1. Six month old for 1964
  2. A year and a half for the year 1965
  3. Three year old for 1966
  4. Four year old for 1967
  5. Five year old for everyone else.

So potential retirees will be able to prepare for the upcoming events, and not only mentally, but also financially. All changes and innovations have been activated since the beginning of 2019, so today you can already prepare for the upcoming changes, which, according to the ruling elite, are the most optimal and adequate.

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