Expo Christmas tree 2020 - Ekaterinburg

Do not know where to go in the New Year holidays with children? Expo Christmas tree 2020 in Yekaterinburg, its surprises and gifts - a choice that has no equal! To make a dream come true, it’s enough to find out the address of the exhibition center and the opening date of the festivities, add to the browser bookmarks the timetable and opening hours of the entertainment locations. Also on the offsite: photo and video reviews, reviews about the park and its attractions, news and prices, and a fresh overview of the main event of the upcoming Rat Year in the Urals will help you navigate the area.

Real winter fairy tale in Yekaterinburg

Nine years ago, an object appeared in the capital of the Urals, transforming the coast of Lake Karas into a New Year’s megalopolis of miracles for two weeks. This is one of the largest exhibition complexes in Russia, the opening of which took place in 2011, giving the city:

  • tens of thousands of square kilometers of pavilions and galleries;
  • five modern conference rooms and a spacious press center;
  • concert hall for 1350 seats

The area at the previously swamped reservoir was transformed as part of the Innoprom exposition and over the years of its existence has significantly expanded its borders, delighting residents and visitors of the city with magnificent projects. During the winter holidays, there is no crowding here, because the hours of the Expo Christmas Tree traditionally begin and 2020 is no exception.

Sports and entertainment areas for children and adults

New Year's Eve 2020 and the following holidays in Yekaterinburg are a special period. The administrative center of the Ural Federal District and Sverdlovsk Region hospitably opens the doors of the center, where magic and miracles rule. Expo vernissages are filled with famous superheroes and attractions, ice rinks and Christmas trees, and Santa Claus from Veliky Ustyug and the charming Siberian Snow Maiden give out gifts. Judging by the photos of past years, the events are held at the highest level:

  • interactive performances;
  • fascinating quests;
  • spectacular performances;
  • New Year's tournaments and competitions

The sports and entertainment infrastructure is striking in variety, offering an assortment from trampolines and ice rinks to virtual adventures throughout the universe.

Expo Christmas tree 2020: when is the opening and where to look for the schedule?

In the Year of the Rat, Yekaterinburg has a chance to become the main venue for the World Expo. The candidate city is ready to meet guests from all over the planet and assist in demonstrating the latest achievements of science and technology, but for now, its residents and all the Russians who have already visited or just saw photos and videos of New Year's pastime in an incredible amusement park are interested in more pressing issues. When the opening of the Super Christmas Tree, where to find out the schedule of performances and the opening hours of the attractions, as well as to clarify the price of tickets, will tell you:

  • official site of the center: expoelka.ru
  • directly to the address Yekaterinburg, Expo Boulevard;
  • Distributors of invitations, including online services

The most long-awaited event of the year and the previous winter was on December 18, 2018 and continued to work after the New Year - until January 10, 2019.

Opening hours of the New Year show in Yekaterinburg

In order for the magic country to be able to welcome everyone in the New Year 2020, a flexible schedule is provided. "Expo Christmas Tree" welcomes guests daily: from 10 to 22. Entrance to the center is free. In addition to the amusement park, event organizers invite guests to the following locations free of charge:

  • entertaining master classes;
  • hospitable indoor food court;
  • unique views;
  • Themed Pavilions

On the 31st, the established work schedule gives a malfunction, so that the center's employees also have the opportunity to celebrate the main winter holiday, however, the show can be visited on this day, but from 10 to 16.00 hours.

The range of attractions and ticket prices do not bite

To unforgetably pass the leisure time in the midst of the holidays, you will not need a tight wallet. Subscriptions for children and adults are available at affordable prices, including unlimited plastic cards. It is not necessary for attendants to pay entrance fees, and pricing, judging by the reviews, pleases with cheapness:

  • trampolines and swing-carousels: from 100 rubles .;
  • New Year's show with gifts: from 400 rubles .;
  • zoo and dino parks: from 350 rubles .;
  • grand quest: from 500 rubles.

And that's not all. Opening hours of ExpoElki in Yekaterinburg provide for the opportunity to visit other numerous facilities of the center. Here you can ride a skating rink, go to the cinema, have a bite to eat at a cafe, purchase original souvenirs at a local shop, etc.

Ice joy: photos and reviews of everyone to envy

Yekaterinburg Winter Disneyland is not only a sea of ​​joy and delight for children and adults. On the colossal territory of the complex, several performances can take place simultaneously, and all the attractions are difficult to get around in one day, not to mention the numerous undertakings of the organizers. However, there is a category of visitors that is interested in only two skating rinks: indoor and regular.

Opening hours of the indoor ice pavilion and his brother, located nearby: from 10 to 22. The schedule is designed to make it possible for everyone to enjoy their favorite winter sport. It’s not worth worrying about the lack of equipment, because there is a rental point next to each rink.

In 2020, everything is a miracle of an expo holiday!

In the realm of magic over the years of honing the skills of organizing sports and leisure activities, there are any whims for children and adults. Buses go to the street with a universal name - Expo on a schedule from the metro stations "Ploshchad 1905 goda" and "Botanicheskaya" every hour. With the same frequency, transport is sent from a nearby stop of the Main Tree of the Urals.

A group visit to any location with a transfer and many pleasant surprises is also provided, including gifts from Santa Claus. To do this, just purchase a comprehensive ticket directly on the official website. Contact the property for more information.

There is no better gift than a fairy tale!

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of rushing around without skating, admiring the modern technology for creating rides, becoming a direct participant in the interactive theatrical premiere with impressive special effects and tasting many other delights of relaxation, as evidenced by numerous enthusiastic reviews and vivid photos from the Expo trees of different years.

If you manage to get to Yekaterinburg on vacation, a visit to the treasured park will be a real gift, regardless of the age of the tourists and their preferences. Soon, Russia will celebrate the New Year of the Rat, which means that only a few days remain before the opening of the stunning Ural center.

Frequently Asked Questions about the New Year Expo Center

Address of the show Expo Christmas tree 2020Ekaterinburg, Expo Boulevard
The official website of the event//expoelka.ru/
Who is the organizer of ExpoElka?The main organizer is Ural Exhibition Center JSC (this is the company that runs the Expo), the Governor and the Government of the Sverdlovsk Region are partners.
We want to come as a family, and our children of different ages - what will they do?At ExpoElka there will be entertainment for all ages - from 3 to 99 years. While the youngest children are jumping on trampolines, their older sisters and brothers ride on the carousel, and the oldest children participate in the master class, dads can shoot at the shooting range, and mothers can relax in a nearby cafe.
Where to dine at ExpoElka?For visitors, several food courts with a variety of food and drinks will operate, baby food will be organized, you can comprehensively dine at a reasonable price. Food courts will be in the pavilion, on the first and second floor of the expo gallery, as well as on the street.
We want to come in a group. Is it possible?To discuss group visits, contact us by email at [email protected] or call +7 343 243 52 07.
I bought an unlimited ride ticket for a child and I want to go with it (I won’t ride). Do I need to buy a ticket?No, enough ticket for someone to ride. You can accompany your child for free - this is the convenience of the park. But we recommend buying a ticket for ourselves - we will have rides for adults as well.
DirectionsFree buses from metro stations: "Area 1905 goda" and "Botanicheskaya"
Bus Schedule to ExpoElkiThe metro station "Ploshchad 1905 goda" - 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:30 and 17:00.

The metro station "Botanical" - 9:48, 10:48, 11:48, 12:48, 13:48, 14:48, 15:48, 16:48, 17:18.

Expo center: 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00, 20:00.

Watch the video: New Year in Yekaterinburg (November 2019).