Formula 1 2020

Formula 1 2020 is the 71st edition of the World Ring Racing Championship, which runs from March to December 2020. For the awards of the tournament will battle such illustrious factory teams as Mercedes, Honda and Red Bull. In the last draw on the tracks shone the pilots of Mercedes and Ferrari. Who will surprise fans of the "royal races" this time ?!

Formula 1 2020 race date

The race traditionally begins in March and ends in late December or early December. The last issue of the competition was from March 17 to December 1. Around this time, Formula 1 will also take place in 2020.

Schedule of the stages of Formula 1 2020

In total, in the new season F 1, at least 17 stages are provided. Here is a list of them:

The Formula 1 2020 stage calendar has not yet been made public. It will appear on the official website of the tournament - Most likely, the 71st edition will begin with the Australian Grand Prix, and end with the race in Abu Dhabi. The Russian championship round - the Russian Grand Prix - will be held in Sochi in early autumn.

Formula 1 2020 teams

From year to year, factory teams representing the famous automakers compete with each other. In the upcoming issue of the race, viewers are likely to see the following "stables":

  • Ferrari
  • Haas
  • Maclaren
  • Mercedes
  • "Red Bull";
  • Renault
  • Cyber;
  • Toro Rosso
  • Williams

Russian Formula 1 fans are most interested in Toro Rosso. This team is Daniil Kvyat. If he performs well in the 2019 season, he has every chance not only to stay at Toro Rosso, but also to receive an invitation to the TOP-level team!

What will be new in Formula 1 2020

Judging by the latest news, in Formula 1 2020 there will be several new Grand Prix. It is already known for sure that the Vietnamese stage will appear on the race calendar. It will be held in April 2020. Racers will compete on the semi-urban highway of the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi.

The Argentinean Buenos Aires, the Dutch Assen, the Danish Copenhagen and several cities of the United States also claim to host F1.

2020 may be the last year for 13-inch tires. From the new season, cars want to change to 18-inch. At the same time, the French company Michelin is likely to become the new tire supplier.

Formula 1 2020 Results

All recent seasons, leadership has been disputed by only two teams - the German Mercedes and the Italian Ferrari. Occasionally, Red Bull intervened in the games of mastodons. It is difficult to say how the balance of power will change in the next season. Obviously, Mercedes and Ferrari will continue to be in the lead. They have the coolest cars and the most powerful pilots. Red Bull will still occasionally intervene in their struggle. Honda can spoil the blood of leaders. The Japanese "stable" great added after the transition to Max Verstappen in his camp.

But there are no other real contenders for prizes. And that's bad. Spectators are tired of the prolonged rivalry of Mercedec vs Ferrari. Largely because of this, Malaysia refused to host the Grand Prix on its territory. Spectators want to see a higher level of competition, when not two, but much more teams claim to win. Maybe the new era of Formula 1 will come in the new season?

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