What to give husband for New Year 2020

How much trouble women have before the New Year! It is necessary to finish all things at work, prepare a festive menu, put in order the apartment. The main question is what to give her husband for New Year 2020, because I want the surprise to be original, cause delight and surprise. Unlike women, men rarely hint at desired objects, so guessing with a present is not easy.

What are the criteria for choosing New Year's gifts for the year of the Rat

The coming year requires practical, sophisticated and beneficial gifts. The rat is an active, but home-made rodent, so you can give any gifts for sports and recreation, household appliances, sets of delicacies.

The most common purchases for the new year are figurines, toys and magnets with the image of an animal of the year. But such a souvenir is unlikely to please a man, a gift for him should be practical, or cause a number of positive emotions. The choice of a New Year's surprise depends on the sphere of interests of the man, his age, state of health, work and lifestyle.

The next parameter is the price of the presentation. The older the boys, the more expensive the toys - a comic saying goes. But giving an expensive gift is not necessary, the main thing is to show care and attention.

What to give for the new year, depending on the interests of the husband

The fact that one man is the ultimate dream can turn out to be a useless thing for another. In order not to make a mistake with your choice, focus on the preferences of your loved one or the scope of his activity. Depending on these parameters, you can give:

  • For a motorist - car keys with a search function, a key fob that displays the level of tire pressure, a car vacuum cleaner, new covers, a portable sink, a video recorder, a radio with bluetooth.
  • Music lover - a waterproof column for a shower, headphones, a synthesizer. If your husband has a good voice, or he writes music, give him a recording of his own song in the studio.
  • Fans - a T-shirt, a baseball cap, a mug with the logo of your favorite team, tickets for the match.
  • Fishing - raincoat, thermal underwear, folding chair, cooler bag. Men like to buy fishing rods and tackle themselves.
  • To a summer resident and outdoor enthusiast - grill accessories, a folding grill, a set of skewers, a manual wood splitter, a set of folding furniture for outdoor recreation. A good choice is a compact ball-shaped inflatable chair or a lamzak air mattress, which is inflated from several swings.
  • For businessman and office worker - genuine leather accessories, box for watches and cufflinks, glasses with protection against computer radiation, phone case, electronic organizer, massage devices or massage course, orthopedic travel pillow.
  • Intellectual - a set for poker, courses and master classes, an e-book or a gift paper edition in a beautiful binding, chess, a decanter for wine of an original form.
  • Athlete - balance board, monowheel, scooter, rollers, bicycle, aquascipper, equipment details. Of the gadgets - smart scales, sports headphones, a fitness bracelet, a wrist case for a smartphone, an action camera.

Original ideas for inexpensive Christmas gifts

You can buy an interesting thing online for a very budgetary amount. True, you need to order in advance and at proven sites. Among the interesting new products include:

  • A flying alarm clock that, when turned on, flies away with a terrible howl. To turn off the siren, you need to get up and insert the propeller into a special compartment;
  • Mug with a motor for stirring soup or instant coffee;
  • Hat with built-in headphones;
  • Glasses of virtual reality to the smartphone;
  • Pocket cinema transmitting the image to any surface;
  • Tumbler thermos with suction cup;
  • Magnetic-based LED rotating light;
  • Wireless pocket karaoke;
  • Lunch box with heating;
  • Micro-refrigerator for cooling drinks.

Universal Christmas tree gifts

All men are different, but there are things that everyone would like to receive. These are items that promise an interesting game, adventure or emphasize the individuality of the owner. These gifts for men include:

  • Radio-controlled helicopter;
  • Binoculars or telescope;
  • Cuban cigars;
  • A model of a warship that you must assemble yourself;
  • Nominal silver medal;
  • Game console XBOX One S.

Surely her husband will like his portrait as a surprise. If you can’t afford to order it from professional artists, you can choose a suitable photo and print it on canvas using computer printing. Specialists will help to process the photo in the form of a picture made by oil, pastel, in any artistic style. Such photographs can be placed on a thermocup, a chocolate wrapper, a bottle, put in a Christmas ball with a special compartment.

Another novelty that can surprise even someone who has everything is a luminous photograph. It can be used as a lamp and interior decoration. All sorts of textile products decorate with personal photos - bedding, pillows, plaids. Such a gift will remind you of pleasant moments for many years.

Multitools and bracelets for the survival of a good company, for example, LEATHERMAN, are popular as a presentation. The bracelet is a stylish decoration that hides a knife, a set of screwdrivers, wrenches, hexagons in the compartments.

Almost everyone will need a Bobby anti-theft backpack, which you can take on a trip, outdoors, or use in everyday life. It is protected from theft due to the absence of external pockets and hidden zippers. Since the product is made of several layers of protective anti-cut fabric, it is possible to open it when worn only with a chainsaw. This miracle weighs only 850 but holds about 13 liters. There is a built-in USB device.

Original gift ideas for two

Surprises creating an atmosphere of love and intimacy for a man-friend to give is not always appropriate. And from time to time it is simply necessary for the husband to present them, otherwise feelings and interest may fade away. The following Christmas tree gifts will help to avoid routine and boredom:

  • Kama Sutra in the gift edition;
  • Certificate for a trip to the bathhouse or spa for two;
  • The game "Party in bed";
  • Lovesart - a set for drawing pictures of bodies;
  • Fur handcuffs;
  • Tasty massage oil.

What you should not give to your beloved husband for the New Year

Many men believe that the gift should be overkill, so without which you can do. There are a number of things that you need to buy and they do not cause any special emotions. Boys' mothers know that casual or school clothes are one of the worst types of gifts. Adult men are also unlikely to be delighted to see another shirt or a set of socks. The exception is unusual things, for example high fur boots with natural fur, a shirt with an embroidered amulet, a leather jacket of a pilot, an erotic costume of the Snow Maiden on his wife.

Among the worst gifts, the stronger sex includes: deodorants, shampoos and other hygiene products, photo frames and souvenirs, underwear, key rings. Most likely, the husband will receive all this as a corporate gift. There are presentations considered a win-win option, but to give or not to give them is a moot point. These things include:

  1. Gym membership. According to statistics, about 10% of visitors regularly attend classes. If a man has previously been involved in sports from time to time, it is likely that he will quit classes or not begin at all. Even worse, if the husband perceives the gift as a hint of excess weight or other shortcomings.
  2. Alcoholic drinks. Quality whiskey, rum or wine are considered a traditional masculine present. But if your other half is prone to abuse abusive, you can regret the gift after the holiday. The same goes for a home brewery or moonshine.
  3. Extreme Vacation Tickets. The number of male phobias is huge, but the representative of the stronger sex is unlikely to admit that he is afraid of heights or confined spaces. Having given a hang glider flight or parachute jump, you can put a man in an awkward position.
  4. Money. An envelope with bills will always come in handy, besides this present saves you the pain of choice. In practice, often money is spent on everyday expenses and nothing remains for memory.

DIY gifts

Often, a husband replenishes the family budget alone, so many women do not want to make a surprise with his own money. Make a gift yourself, and it will be much more expensive for a man than a purchased one. For example, a burgundy or dark blue sweater, mittens, hat that you have connected.

Give your husband a gift diploma that lists all of his best qualities. You can create one without even knowing how to work in graphic programs. Another popular idea is love coupons or wish booklets. The essence of the gift is this: on each sheet there is a desire, for example, foot massage, cooking your favorite meal, a day without debate or reproach, breakfast in bed.

Surely her husband will like sweet gifts: bake a large chocolate cake, hand-painted gingerbread cookies, muffins. It’s easy to make chocolate figures: melt a few tiles of goodies in a water bath and pour them into special molds in the form of a pistol, flask, typewriter, grenade.

If there are children in the family, buy solidifying plastic for children's creativity and make hand and foot prints. Put in a beautiful frame - and the souvenir is ready.

The simplest option is to record on video the appeal of all family members, with congratulations and wishes for the husband a happy New Year.

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