Mortgage with state support in 2020

For young families, there is important information: the mortgage program with state support in 2020 will cease to operate. If you comply with this benefit in all respects, hurry up. You need to apply, get in line and get on the lists. Well, if you don’t know whether money is due to you or not, read today's review. After all, there is very little time left for obtaining state benefits.

State support mortgage: what does it mean?

So, to get a mortgage with state support, you need to know:

  • by what parameters is the subsidy prescribed;
  • what is the interest rate on the mortgage;
  • how much money the state will pay;
  • how to reduce the cost of a future apartment by 60%;
  • who are those in need and who determines this;
  • what documents are needed to get a social library.

The concept of "mortgages with state support" includes several subsidies at once:

  1. The developed program "Housing" for Russian families. It provides state control over the cost of one square meter of real estate in newly constructed apartment buildings (new buildings).
  2. Payout under the "Young Family" program. The state makes an additional payment to certain categories of citizens for the purchase of houses / apartments, or their independent construction.
  3. Social mortgage. Designed for large families and families with two children, subject to the birth of a second child after January 1, 2018.

Indirectly, this list also includes payments guaranteed by maternity capital. One of the points upon which the state gives money for this subsidy is just buying your own home, or building a house.

Each subprogram from the list above is an integral part of the general program called “Affordable and Comfortable Housing”, the provisions of which are legalized by Government Decree No. 1050.

Let's get to know each other better.

Accommodation: destination conditions

This program is an integral part of the national target program, provided by decree No. 1050. But for a more understandable interpretation of all the main points, parliamentarians issued a separate law. Its number is 404, and the date of publication is May 5, 2014. Let's briefly get acquainted with its contents.

  1. The introductory part gives instructions to all involved bodies and structures about the need for a certain amount of work, subsequently with the help of which the results of the program will be achieved.
  2. Subsidy assignment conditions, measures and program implementation procedure. This includes highlights, steps, and all criteria.
  3. Rules and requirements when choosing land for the construction of economy class houses, construction participants (developers), plans and projects.

We will analyze the second paragraph in more detail, since it is he who determines the project participants and the benefits presented to them.

It is worth noting that economy-class housing (economic housing) is not some shabby or poor-quality construction. The modern construction industry has reached great heights in innovative technologies. It uses high-quality, not expensive building materials. Also, the share of state subsidies, the use of state lands, seriously affects the final price of 1 square meter of such housing.

Terms of appointment

But who has the right to purchase an apartment at reduced rates.

  • Family members living in their apartment, with a total area per person below the norm for a particular subject (city). In general, this indicator should not exceed 18 square meters per 1 person. The same goes for a private home.
  • When housing, which is recognized in a certain order unsuitable for being there, or when in the apartment of an emergency home.
  • If the family has two or more children, on which the maternity capital is registered. But there is one condition: the subsidy for the capital should be strictly aimed at buying economical housing.
  • Families recognized as having many children (3 or more children).
  • For people who participated in military battles.
  • For invalids. Moreover, it does not matter who in the family has such a disease that gives its owner the status of "disabled person".

Program participants can acquire such housing in two ways: conclude an agreement on shared construction, or immediately buy an apartment by signing a contract of sale. The latter is signed within 6 calendar months after the developer connects all communications and passes them to the inspection commission (commissioning the construction).

The cost of one square meter in the house, a participant in this program is up to 35 thousand rubles. But, for example, in Moscow, the price of housing will be two to three times higher than this figure. Therefore, lawmakers additionally established a percentage ratio of 80% of the market price. Also, with documentary justification, the developer can increase the final value of the cost of one square, but not more than 5 thousand rubles.

How to get involved?

To participate in the Housing program, you must write an application to the local administration and prepare documents for delivery. Here is what you need:

  • identity cards of all family members (passports and birth certificates);
  • evidence confirming the official nature of the marriage (if the mother or father is a single - a certificate of divorce or death of a spouse);
  • pension insurance ticket (SNILS);
  • confirmation of the unsuitability of existing housing (in the event of a house breakdown, or a shortage of square meters to a minimum value);
  • copies of work books;
  • certificate from the REU on the composition of the family;
  • a document defining the right to use existing housing (property, rental or social rent);
  • maternity capital (official certificate if available);
  • disability certificate, or participation in military battles.

After you have accepted all the documents, they will be considered within ten days. After the decision is made, you must be notified about it no later than 5 days from the date of its adoption.

And although the official term of this program expired in 2017 (by decree No. 404), in Russia some regions continue to allocate funds for the construction of economical apartment buildings. To find out by your city, contact your local administration.

Young Family Program - Latest News

Unlike the previous one, this subsidy is intended exclusively for each individual family, and is expressed as a percentage of the cost of housing. But there are some nuances. A participant can buy an apartment from any developer, as well as independently build a house. At the same time, the square of the living quarters can be any, but the state will pay only for the established norm.

The norm of square meters here is calculated as in the previous subprogram "Housing". This calculation is taken from the housing code, namely article 51.

Let's see what this subsidy is for.

  1. To pay the purchase and sale of housing.
  2. Payment under the contract for the construction of a private cottage.
  3. Payment on the last payment (ZhSK or ZhNK). But there is one condition: when the payment is made, the property must immediately become the property.
  4. Payment of the first payment on a loan, housing mortgage / loan aimed at buying an apartment or building a private cottage.
  5. Making a payment for economical housing (according to the program indicated earlier in the article). Moreover, the funds are allocated both to pay for contractual purchase and sale obligations, and to pay for services of construction organizations.
  6. Payment of money on the amount of debt and interest on loans, mortgages or loans taken for the purchase or construction of housing. The exception is penalty interest - penalties, delay, other fines. The government will not pay in these areas.
  7. Entering funds into an "escrow" account for the payment of an agreement on shared construction of an apartment building.

It should be borne in mind that for relatives from 1 to 3 degrees of kinship, the purchase of real estate in property under this subsidy is impossible.

Who can claim?

To provide benefits, the family must fulfill the following established conditions.

  1. The age of each family member cannot be more than 35 years old (not applicable to children).
  2. The family is in need of housing (determined in accordance with 51 articles of the housing code).
  3. The presence of a decent income, allowing you to take a loan or free amount of money to pay the cost of housing. It is important that after surcharge, the premises immediately become property.

According to the composition of the family, certain requirements are also imposed. So, for both spouses without children, citizenship of the Russian Federation of at least one of them is mandatory. If we are talking about a single mother or father, then only the parent should have Russian citizenship.

How much will they pay?

The magnitude of this benefit depends on whether there are children in the marriage union or not. Here are the numbers indicated on the official paper:

  • 30% will be paid by the state of the average price of a dwelling if there are no children in the family;
  • 35% for families with children.

But how is this average figure determined? Let us turn to the same 1050 decree. The estimated cost is calculated by the formula:

standard value of the square (x) the total area of ​​the apartment = average price.

But it is worth noting that the state will not pay for an apartment or house of any size (such as you find or build). The maximum quadrature indicator is determined based on the size of the family and the norm for 1 person. According to the rules - 18 square meters per family member.

The standard value of 1 square of housing is determined in each subject (city) in its own way. It all depends on the state of the real estate market. The maximum value above which price cannot be assigned is set by the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities.

What documents are needed?

The list of necessary documents for obtaining a certificate for partial redemption of the price of housing is similar to the list indicated earlier for the Housing program. The exception is contract. At their conclusion, whether it be a loan, mortgage, loan or shared construction, the participant must provide each of them.

After submitting the application and submitting all the required documents, the local authorities have the same period for adoption and communication of the decision: 10 + 5 days in total. Any decision is issued in writing.

This program is designed to be carried out throughout Russia until the end of 2020. It should be noted that before the beginning of 2021 it is necessary to have time to hand over all the documents, stand in line and receive confirmation paper (certificate). It is valid for 7 months from the date indicated on it.

That is, if you managed to get this certificate before the beginning of 2021, you can count on a subsidy even after the onset of 2021.

Social Mortgage

This benefit is provided to needy families. At the legislative level, a subsidy is issued according to Decree No. 1711. This document determines to whom and how much a mortgage will be allocated at a reduced rate.

The essence of this subsidy is to provide a reduced interest on a mortgage loan at a creditor bank. At the same time, a banking organization does not lose financial resources. The difference is compensated by the state.

In March 2019, there was an extension of the mortgage, as well as changes were made to the procedure for granting. If earlier, before these changes, for families whose second child was born after 2018, the state provided a grace period of 3 years (and at the birth of the third baby - another plus 5 years), now this period has been extended until the debt is fully repaid. The privilege is provided by Sberbank.

But to which families this subsidy is allocated:

  • Russian citizen if he had a second child in the period from 2018 to the end of 2022.

In this case, the lowest interest on the mortgage will be provided to people living in the Far East. It will be 5% for the entire loan term. For other citizens, this value will be equal to 6%.

The list of documents required to obtain this benefit is similar to the list given earlier for the Housing subprogram. At the same time, the subsidy is provided only to needy citizens - those whose current living conditions leave much to be desired.

It is important to have time to apply for benefits before the end of 2022. At the onset of 2023, this law will cease to apply.

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