The minimum pension in Moscow in 2020

Pensions that are paid on the territory of the Russian Federation vary in size. They are directly dependent on the minimum cost of living (minimum subsistence level) in a particular subject of the Russian Federation. The highest PM in Moscow, which today is 18.781 thousand rubles for the working population. In the MO PM for the able-bodied population in 2019 - 12.581 rubles. Depending on the PM, the size of the minimum size of pensions is formed in each subject of the Russian Federation.

Pension reform for non-working pensioners

On January 1, 2019, a new pension law came into force in the Russian Federation, which postponed the retirement date. Starting from the year 1964/1959, the woman / man was born, they will retire at 55.5 / 60.5 years. The basis for receiving a pension will be:

  • reaching the required age;
  • the presence of labor (insurance) experience (at least 10 years);
  • the number of points scored is equal to or more than 16.2.

In 2020, the number of points and minimum experience will increase to 18.6 / 11, respectively. The increase will continue to take place annually until it reaches the level of 15 years - experience; the number of points scored - 30.

According to A. Siluanov, pensions for non-working pensioners will increase annually by about 6%, which is higher than the planned inflation rate. Indexing will be carried out annually from January 1, as was done in 2019. And this will average an increase of 1 thousand rubles. By 2024, the country's average pension should grow to 20 thousand rubles. The minimum pension payments on average in the Russian Federation is 8.726 thousand rubles. In the Tambov region, for example, the minimum pension was 7.811 thousand rubles.

Pension paid to non-working pensioners in Moscow

The minimum PM in Moscow today is 18.781 thousand rubles. for the able-bodied population and 12,115 for pensioners. All Muscovites who have lived in Moscow for ten years or more are eligible for the Luzhkovskaya pension supplement according to the city standard, which is paid up to 18.781 thousand rubles for retirement. Everyone who has a registration time for living in Moscow less than 10 years old, the minimum pension is accepted - 12.115 thousand rubles. This provision was approved by the Moscow PP and signed by S. Sobyanin.

Pensions in Moscow for working pensioners

Working pensioners are not paid a pension premium. Every year on August 1, the pension is recalculated taking into account changes in length of service. The number of points earned is added, the new size of which recalculates the accrued pension. Working in retirement is beneficial in terms of points growth. Your pension may increase more than doubled when working on a pension for ten years.

How are pension benefits drawn up?

Extra charges in Moscow (types):

Premiums in MoscowGroundsPension amount
For Muscovites who are registered in Moscow is equal to more than 10 yearsTo achieve a city standard18,781 thousand rubles
For Muscovites who are registered and have lived in Moscow for less than 10 yearsPM of Moscow pensioners12,115 thousand rubles

To apply for allowances, you must contact the NEO (social protection authorities). The following documents must be collected and submitted there:

  • passport;
  • extract from the Pension Fund on accrued pension;
  • certificate of registration from the passport office;
  • a certified copy of the work book.

Government Pensions: Recent Developments

Pensions of civil servants have already undergone changes in the length of service even before all insurance pensions. Unlike insurance pensions, the length of service of pensions of civil servants since 1917 has been increasing for six months. In 2020, civil servants will retire at 57/62 women / men. The value of pensions for civil servants is 40% of income. For each worked year, in addition to the retirement age of this category, 3% is added to the payment according to the length of service, but it should not exceed 75% of the total income. Civil servants are already retiring this year women / men at 56.5 / 61.5 years.

How are pensions granted to civil servants

Seniority in the civil service is calculated in total for all worked years and should be at least 15 years. That is, interruptions in civil service are quite possible. The civil servant rate should be the last place to work. A public servant must occupy it for at least twelve months. The calculation of the pension is taken in the amount of 40% of the total income of a public servant. Pensions for civil servants are calculated in accordance with separate legislation that determines the procedure for calculating their pensions.

Military pensions in Moscow

Military pensioners in rare cases when they have been registered in Moscow for more than ten years. They are Russians moving around the country who are constantly changing their locations. Therefore, they mostly belong to the category that was registered in Moscow less than ten years ago. The advantages of military pensioners are that their pension is already equal to 72.23% of their income in 2019. Military pensions are also indexed. The difference between military pensions is that they have the same value in different regions of the Russian Federation, unless these are areas of the Constitutional Court or “hot spots”.

In 2020, military pensions will also be indexed in the fourth quarter. The first three quarters of their pension will be equal to the indexed value in 2019. The assignment of military pensions is also regulated by separate specialized laws.

How to determine the future pension yourself

The following indicators affect the size of pension balls:

  • length of service (insurance);
  • floor;
  • special conditions;
  • total income;
  • date of application to the Pension Fund for accrual of pension.

To approximately find out the amount of your future pension, you need to visit the website of the Pension Fund, where the calculator that calculates the pension is located. Enter your data in it and get an approximate amount of your future pension.

All the indicators indicated above determine the amount of accrual of your future pension. If you work another 5 years after retirement, then it will increase by about 30%, and if you work ten years after retirement, then it will increase more than twice.

Approximate amount of pension in Moscow: calculation

Take, for example, the retirement of Muscovites 55.5 years. She has one child, work experience thirty-two years, with a total income of 95.833 thousand rubles per month. If this woman will retire immediately at 55.5 years, then her pension will amount to 33.260 thousand rubles. This value corresponds to 320.1 points, which were calculated by a calculator on the website of the Pension Fund. It must be borne in mind that the salary should be “white”. No payments in envelope or freelance are taken into account.

Where it is more profitable to accrue a pension: in Moscow or the region

Accruing a pension is more profitable in Moscow than in the Moscow region. In Moscow, the minimum pension is paid in the amount of 12,115 thousand rubles, and in the Moscow region the value of the PM for which the pension is calculated is equal to 9,908 thousand rubles in 2019.

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