Magnetic Storms in January 2020

With the beginning of the new year, many people associate the realization of their most cherished dreams. They hope that in the coming period, many problems can be easily resolved. However, few people know that magnetic storms in January 2020 can substantially adjust these plans. It is no secret that this natural phenomenon can seriously affect the health of a significant part of people, therefore, perhaps they will not have the strength, the desire, to take up the important business of their lives.

Where do magnetic storms come from

They are directly related to our luminary. The sun is a source of not only light, but also billions of charged particles. As a result of constant explosions on the surface of our star, tons of hot lava are thrown into the surrounding space. Thanks to it, the Sun emits light and billions of electrons and ions, which are spreading at an incredible speed into the Universe. This huge stream of charged parts is called the solar wind. After a while, it reaches the surface of the earth. If not for the magnetic field of our planet, life on it was hardly possible. Radiation would destroy all living things in a matter of time.

At the same time, the flow of particles still affects our magnetosphere. Under the influence of a strong solar wind, the magnetic field is deformed. Bursts of magnetic energy are observed, which they called magnetic storms. They affect all living things in different ways. For example, a person is affected particularly clearly only by medium and large magnetic fluctuations. Even strong equipment breaks down from strong magnetic storms. It is about electronics, navigation equipment and cellular communications.

Storm Classification

Minor bursts of magnetic energy are indicated by the Latin letters A, B, C, M, and strong - X. Magnetic storms have a specific digital value. They can be in the range from 0.1 to 9.9 conventional units.

As noted above, strong bursts of magnetic energy significantly affect the human body. Elderly people or people with heart problems and blood pressure are especially prone to this effect. It is possible that quite healthy people may have a headache, mood deterioration, and a feeling of anxiety. Strong and medium magnetic storms negatively affect pregnant women and children. Toddlers can become irritable and naughty. They also pose a danger to those who suffer from chronic diseases. On adverse days, old illnesses may wake up. Weak magnetic disturbances are noticeable only to mentally unhealthy people.

How magnetic storms affect the body

According to medical workers, during magnetic storms, blood becomes much thicker, which affects the supply of oxygen to many organs of a person. Blood does not circulate so freely through the blood vessels, from which, in the first place, the brain suffers. Also, during this period, from overload, heart function deteriorates. Blood clots can trigger such terrible diseases, such as heart attack and stroke. Lack of oxygen negatively affects mentally ill people. Their behavior is not predicted.

Ordinary people may experience excessive irritability and even aggressiveness. The usual work of many organs, for example, the autonomic system, gastrointestinal tract and other important organs, may also be disturbed. At this time, the brain may react inappropriately to the situation and therefore an involuntary increase in pressure is possible.

All organs of the human body have their own rhythm of vibrations. It can coincide with the fluctuation of the magnetosphere, and then resonant processes are observed that can lead to a change in the hormonal background and a malfunction in the liver and kidneys. The digestive system may also be affected.

Features of the influence of magnetic storms

Solar activity and its consequences most of all have an impact at an altitude of several thousand meters above the Earth’s surface and near the poles, therefore, people who must be attentive to their health should:

  • often fly on airplanes;
  • work in mines;
  • live in the North of the Russian Federation;
  • regularly use the subway.

Schedule changes in the magnetic field by days and hours

The exact time and power of magnetic storms can be found only a few days before the event itself. This is due to the fact that the real strength of the solar wind is calculated based on the situation on the surface of the sun. In addition, it takes time for the charged particles to reach the surface of our planet.

Given the importance of the influence of magnetic storms on the state of people and technology, special services make a preliminary forecast for the near future. It is based on the statistics accumulated for the previous period. In addition, experts know that the processes on our star have a certain cycle, which is about ten years.

Given all this data, scientists are calculating what kind of magnetic storms will be around a certain point in time. This takes into account:

  • force of emission of fire lava;
  • the level of the solar wind and its speed;
  • distance from the sun to the earth.

So, the preliminary forecast of magnetic storms for January 2020 looks like this:

date ofThe power of magnetic stormsEffects
01/03/20 and 05/01/20strongWell-being in the elderly, pregnant women, and children can significantly worsen. In elderly people, pressure can jump, insomnia can be observed. Healthy people can have a headache and depression. A change of mood over the course of the day is not ruled out.
01/10/20 and 01/12/20weakSensitive people will notice a magnetic storm these days.

How to Counteract Magnetic Storms

People cannot undo natural phenomena, but they can consciously reduce their negative impact. To do this, you need to perform a number of simple steps:

On unfavorable days it is not recommended to eat heavy food, as the whole body is in an unstable state. If possible, you should eat only natural products and exclude fast foods and other unhealthy foods from your diet. On critical days and a few days before them should not overeat. Doctors recommend drinking more natural juices and pure water.

The negative effect of magnetic storms can also be reduced by the rejection of alcohol, tobacco and other harmful substances. During this period, you need to be more in the fresh air. To enhance immunity, moderate physical exertion (exercise), as well as a contrast shower, will not hurt. Relaxing exercises in nature are a good option.

For people with nervous disorders, various soothing treatments are recommended: herbal baths and decoctions.

On adverse days, it is better to tune in a positive mood. You need to protect yourself from the negative influence of others. It is better to be alone in nature or listen to pleasant calm music. Well-soothing and doing things you love.

People who have heart problems need to have all the necessary medications on hand. At the first symptoms of ill health, you need to take the recommended dose of medication.

Doctors recommend the use of regular aspirin for prevention. He, as practice has shown, reduces the viscosity of the blood. This can alleviate the general condition of the body.

In the days of magnetic storms, you need to lead a familiar lifestyle, go to bed on time and protect yourself from great physical and emotional stress.

Favorable days make up most of the month, so it’s not difficult to save yourself just a few days.

Favorable and unfavorable days of January

Probably many of us have noticed that sometimes there are days when everything goes like clockwork. Any work is done easily and without much effort. At the same time, there are times when even petty work exhausts the body. It turns out that our companion is to blame for everything - the Moon. From this closest cosmic neighbor depends not only on well-being, but also many moments of our lives.

Astrologers argue that the most favorable days for any business is the time of the growth of the moon. During this period, every day the body becomes stronger and stronger. At this time, you can do any business.

The full moon, new moon and satellite decay time are not the best periods for any business. It should be noted that the constellations through which the moon passes also affect health and work.

Based on all these factors, the picture is as follows:

Days of well-being and maximum activity:January 1, 2, 4-9, 14-16, 18, 19, 21, 22, 26-29
Bad days for health and implementation of plans:January 5, 10-13, 17, 20, 23-25, 30 and 31

Adverse days, of course, include the time of magnetic storms in January.

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