Hug Day 2020. How to spend a holiday

Hug Day appeared recently, but has already become one of the favorite youth holidays. It is noted in many countries of the world. The birthplace of origin is Australia. In Russia, Hug Day is unofficially celebrated on January 21.

The history of the holiday

There is no reliable information on how Embrace Day was born. There is a beautiful legend that in 1970 a young man named Juan arrived in the capital of Australia, Sydney, where no one met him. He was so upset that in a fit of feelings wrote on the poster: "Free hugs." With such a small announcement, he stood at the local airport building. At first, people were perplexed at such a revelation of a young man, but after a while a woman addressed him by her beloved boy turned to him. The lady told Juan that the only thing she was dreaming about right now was for someone to hug her. Young and completely strangers who fell into difficult circumstances at the same time did not turn their backs on each other, but simply embraced. The rumor of such a simple act quickly spread over a multi-million city. People really liked such a simple and at the same time pleasant way out of difficult situations. After some time, flash mobs with hugs began to appear in various cities of Australia. Such acts of mutual politeness were especially popular among young people, since young people, for the most part, are completely inexperienced in life's troubles and therefore often find themselves in difficult situations.

Simple hugs between strangers were so widespread in America that it served as a decision to establish a national hug day. After some time, the popularization of this phenomenon began in many countries of the world, including Russia. Our country has always been distinguished by people's desire for warmth and understanding, therefore, it is no coincidence that this holiday took root so quickly in our country.

It should be noted that similar traditions were in some countries before that. A similar holiday was celebrated on December 4. People on this day shared warmth, talked about their hardships and helped each other, just hugging.

As international hugging day is celebrated

On this day, flash mobs are held all over the world, where young people show how easy and simple it is to solve many problems simply by hugging. For this, there is no need for huge monetary investments from the states, no orders or directives are needed. On this day, and preferably on others, it’s enough for people to simply smile and hug each other.

Hug Day is especially popular among young people. They easily, without any problems, make contact and just cuddle with each other wishing a good mood and success in life. It would be very nice if the older generation were also interested in this movement, smiled more often and simply hugged unselfishly. Sometimes a simple smile can defuse a tense situation, not to mention a hug.

Do not forget about the possibilities of the Internet. On Embrace Day, you can send funny stickers to all your friends, relatives, and relatives, supporting loved ones who live far away. After all, we have already learned how to just like on social networks the picture and photo we like, so it seems that it’s not difficult to send a “hugging picture to a complete stranger. Who knows, maybe at that moment he is sad and lonely. Such an elementary gesture of attention can help a person out, perhaps he will get out of depression and begin to live a full life.

Important! It is worth noting that when hugging, it is necessary to observe some rules, especially regarding strangers. Before committing such an act, you need to ask a person for permission. Indeed, among us there are such people who find it difficult to make physical contact with a stranger.

There can be many reasons for this:

  • psychological trauma;
  • consequences of sexual abuse:
  • result of physical impact.

Particular attention should be paid to people who are sick or with physical disabilities. Close contact with you can hurt a person’s pride and cause a feeling of awkwardness. You need to perform your actions with such people very delicately, especially with those who are much lower than you in height.

Why hugs are useful. Psychologists' recommendations

In fact, people are surrounded by hugs all their lives. With them we show our love and affection for friends and family. From this we experience a feeling of gratitude, joy, comfort and safety.

Scientists have long found out that hugs:

  1. calm the nervous system;
  2. stimulate the immune system;
  3. help relieve stress;
  4. reduce blood pressure;
  5. cause a good sleep;
  6. increase hemoglobin in the blood;
  7. Improve mood
  8. positively affect the mental state of a person;
  9. contribute to good relationships with people.

Psychologists insistently recommend that adults hug their babies as often as possible. Due to this, they will grow up healthy and mentally developed. Do not forget about people prone to depression and anxiety. It must be remembered that adults need affection no less than children. A loved one should also be hugged as often as possible (at least 8 times a day). So many times, leading psychologists advise doing this.

Also, Hug Day is another reason to establish our relations with the outside world, to become kinder and more attentive.

Where is celebratedunofficially celebrated all over the world
Day of the weekSunday
Work day or day offoutput
Who celebratesyoung people and everyone who needs a warm relationship
Other holiday daysGregorian December 4