What awaits Ukraine in 2020

The unstable situation of the Russian neighbor causes tension in international relations, forcing the world powers to argue, conflict. The world is divided into those who support Russia, and supporters of Ukraine. To make assumptions and predictions for the near future is a difficult task for the Ukrainian state, but experts and mediums nevertheless tried to do this. Here are some estimates for 2020.

Predictions for Ukraine for 2020 from psychics

In the first place among Ukrainian citizens who want to know the future future of their state, in particular for 2020, are the opinions of psychics. Predictions of a mystical property are distinguished by light tint, promising a lot of positive.

For example, Pavel Globa, one of the reputable astrologers, is sure that the situation in Ukraine will stabilize in 2020, the hostilities will end, everything will return to normal.

But at the same time, the astrologer does not deny the devaluation of the hryvnia, language conflicts, and other problems. But an experienced star researcher is convinced: the period under consideration will become a platform for full recovery.

The opinion of another professional, Elena Kurilova, is slightly less positive. The psychic believes: the crisis will continue, the consequences will lead to a popular rebellion. The people will take up arms against the government, demand a change of government. Ukrainians can improve the situation by introducing bright deeds and pleasant thoughts into life. But the next couple of years it is not necessary to talk about anything concrete, all the predictions and prophecies are too foggy. Every day there are events that can move the scales in one direction.

Economic Development Scenarios

The economic sphere of Ukraine is studied in detail by experts, and they came to disappointing conclusions. But at the same time, a good option for the development of events is not excluded, but so far the assumptions are extremely negative. The current situation is completely dependent on decisions made by the International Monetary Fund. Despite the fulfillment by Ukraine of all European directives, it is not possible to extinguish the fire of the financial crisis. People find themselves below the poverty line, and this figure is constantly growing. Professional analysts identify three possible ways for the movement of the economy.

  1. The optimistic one implies a salary increase of 30%, a decrease in inflation of 7%, and the establishment of the dollar at around 28 hryvnia. Such a rosy forecast is almost unrealistic, but acceptable with the support of the European Union.
  2. Realistic is called "freezing", shows the previous level of finance. A slight increase in wages is expected, but in parallel, the inflation rate will increase. It will completely absorb all the incomes of the population. The growth of external public debt will continue.
  3. Pessimistic is associated with a powerful increase in inflation, the level of which will jump over 18%. Incomes of Ukrainians will leave much to be desired, but GDP growth will not reach 1%. In the worst case, default will strike. A change in the ruling elite will lead to an improvement in the situation, or at least stability.

The end of the war in the Donbass

Most psychics and astrologers tend to expect the end of the war in the Donbass in 2020, although now a peaceful settlement is still stalled. The President of Ukraine has requested the introduction of peacekeepers, but no result has yet been received on his appeal. According to many experts, after the presidential election in 2020, the military confrontation should completely cease. The solution must come without military intervention, through peaceful diplomatic negotiations. At the same time, the United States will continue to impose sanctions against Russia, demanding peace in Ukraine. Donetsk and Lugansk will return under a single Ukrainian flag.

Gas issue

Natural gas, which was transported through Ukraine, brought tangible income to the government treasury. But conflicts with a neighbor forced to reduce the supply of valuable fuel, and tighten the valve. Naftogaz even sued Stockholm, demanding that Gazprom be ordered to pay gigantic compensation. According to the decision of the judges, the gas giant owes the Ukrainian state almost 5 billion dollars! But economists are sure that when receiving compensation, no one can avoid the negative consequences in transit relations. Russia is already building two gas pipelines bypassing Ukraine, so making money on transit is not an option. The Turkish stream covers Turkey, and Nord Stream 2 will forever lead Ukraine beyond transportation. The highway will no longer be useful, and Russian resources will go through alternative channels.

There is the possibility of German pressure obliging Ukraine to compensate for such circumventive measures. But Vladimir Putin also has leverage over his European counterparts and will not allow him to dictate predatory conditions. The construction of gas pipelines for transporting gas is already in full swing, and it will be difficult for Ukrainians to count on something in this regard.

While there were friendly relations between Russia and Ukraine, the peoples of both countries felt peace and quiet. But after the momentous events that led to a split between the neighbors, the situation sharply escalated. Fierce conflicts, the imposition of sanctions, and other bad results have worsened relations between states. In any case, let’s hope for the best, and let 2020 be the year when finally all the strife between the countries ends: peace will come and friendly relations and the mind will take over everything.

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