What awaits Russia in 2020

Waiting for the new year is always connected with thoughts about what awaits the country, what will happen to its inhabitants. People care about their personal problems, family happiness, and health. Politicians - the problems of demography, economic development. Socially important and personal is closely intertwined, contributes to the further development of the state, and therefore can not exist without each other.

The main events of 2020 in Russia

As always, Russia is waiting for a huge number of important economic, cultural and sports events.

The most important events are connected with the memory of past victories, new achievements. Many events will be dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany.

They will be held in most settlements of the country, but especially brightly - in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other hero cities.

It is expected that in 2020 such important projects for the state will be implemented as:

  • Serial production of the Irkutsk MS-21 aircraft was launched. Already tested 2 modifications, designed to carry 163-211 and 132-165 passengers at a distance of 6000 km.
  • The construction of the Tavrida highway has been completed;
  • The project "summer cottage amnesty";
  • Murmansk Commercial Sea Port will be commissioned.

Culturally, according to many, a significant event will be the holding of the World Folkloriad. The capital of the festival will be Ufa. Sports will not be left aside. Russians - football fans are waiting for a series of matches in the framework of EURO 2020. St. Petersburg received the right to hold three group games and a tournament as part of the quarter-finals of the European Championship.

Demographic forecast

An important component of the success of the prosperity of the state is the demographic situation. According to sociologists, in the near future Russia should not expect a boom in fertility and a significant natural population growth. Nevertheless, the efforts undertaken by the authorities to get out of the demographic pit in which Russia found itself in the 90s are bearing fruit. In many families, two or more children are born. The Russian-speaking population is returning from the CIS countries, many are becoming full citizens of the Russian Federation.

Despite the positive trends, the country will face negative ones:

  1. Mortality will continue to exceed fertility;
  2. Residents of villages and small towns will move to megacities. As a result, population density in empty villages will decrease, investment attractiveness, infrastructure will deteriorate, quality of life will drop;
  3. Migrants continue to come to Russia. This provokes the intensification of national hatred, leads to the withdrawal of money from the country.

Duration and quality of life

Opinion polls, an analysis of economic and demographic data indicate that the quality of life is improving in Russia as a whole. This consists of progress in various fields - medical services are becoming more accessible, technologies are developing.

Thanks to the improvement of the economy, the growth of construction, most people have the opportunity to improve their living conditions, live in separate apartments. According to experts, the number of square meters attributable to residents of the country is already comparable to the average in European countries.

Many experts agree that the country is seeing an improvement in the quality of education. This is facilitated by the development of technology, the opening of new schools, the active dissemination and growth in the popularity of extracurricular activities, and increased attention to the level of the educational process on the part of parents.

The number of street children is decreasing. Many of those left without parents, their attention, find shelter not in orphanages, but in the families of adoptive parents. There is a double opinion regarding late fertility. The birth of children at a later age provokes an increase in the frequency of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. On the other hand, a child is born in a family that is mentally and financially prepared to care for him.

The development of medical technology increases the likelihood of recovery of seriously ill patients. However, not only is the contribution of medicine noted. It helps to increase life expectancy. According to Dmitry Medvedev, in 2020, residents of Russia will live on average up to 74 years, in Moscow this figure can reach 80 years. These data, indicating an increase in well-being, have a downside. Increased life expectancy may lead to another increase in the retirement age and a slowdown in the economy.

What will happen to the Russian economy

The seemingly favorable demographic forecast largely reflects the economic growth of the first 15 years of the 21st century. In 2020, experts expect stagnation, decline.

Some experts on questions about what awaits the country speak of a serious financial crisis, which will cause the following reasons:

  • Decrease in investments in production and business;
  • Sanctions against Russia;
  • Banking sector vulnerability;
  • Protectionist policies of leading world powers;
  • Overheating of the economy, the decline in the value of the dollar and high inflation in the United States;
  • Decrease in oil prices;
  • Decrease in indicators of economic growth in the EU, China, other states.

According to experts of the International Monetary Fund, the economic growth in 2020 in Russia will be no more than 1.7%. This indicator decreased by 0.1% compared with the previous forecast.

The World Bank expects growth of 1.8%. Against the backdrop of a worsening economic situation around the world, mobilization of domestic resources due to:

  1. Increase labor productivity;
  2. Technology development;
  3. Increased investment;
  4. Export growth;
  5. Decrease in corruption.

Thus, 2020 will not be easy for Russia. This is due to the negative influence of external factors, the absence of an economic breakthrough, and a lag in technological growth. The demographic situation has a negative impact.

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