Euro 2020 Tickets: European Football Championship

As you know, in 2020, the European Football Championship will be held in 11 European countries. Real fans of this exciting game today are thinking about how to buy tickets and not miss the most interesting matches. The final, performances within the groups promise to be bright and unforgettable, and it is unlikely that stadiums will be able to accommodate everyone who wants to see first-hand the talent of the players, the dramatic outcome of each game.

When will the sale of tickets for Euro 2020 begin

In the wake of love and passion for football, many fans today are looking for announcements about selling tickets for Euro 2020 on various Internet resources. However, any news about the opportunity to buy the coveted right to attend European Championship matches until mid-2019 is a hoax.

On the official website of the European Championship 2020 it is clearly indicated that the sale of tickets will be carried out in three stages. The structure of the first and second stages is multistage, includes the following procedure:

  • On certain dates, fans will be required to submit applications. For the first stage, this is June 12 - July 13, 2019. The dates of the second stage have not yet been determined, but it will probably begin at the end of 2019;
  • Next, each application is waiting for the approval process;
  • A draw will be held among the approved proposals, according to the results of which the lucky ones who have received the right to attend Euro 2020 will be identified. Winning will not depend on the application deadline. All applicants will have equal opportunities. Those who are lucky will be determined by chance.

The third stage will begin in April 2020 and will probably last until the start of the tournament, or until all tickets are sold out.

While this schedule is indicative, changes can be made both in time and in terms of sale.

You can receive updated information on the status of the process by registering on the UEFA website. It is available in Russian.

Where can I buy tickets

2 official sources of sales are identified:

  • Authorized ticket offices;
  • International Football Federation Ticket Official Portal:

There are many intermediaries offering assistance in getting an opportunity to get to Euro 2020, but given the strict official approach to distributing tickets, there is no reason to hope for them. It is safer to register on the FIFA website, receive regular notifications and participate in the draw. At the very least, this will avoid cheating and losing money.

Ticket prices for 2020 European Football Championship

To date, it is not known exactly how much the entrance fee for Euro 2020 will cost. Obviously, the ticket price will depend on several factors:

  1. Duel Level. The cheapest will be group performances, the most expensive will be the opening at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, matches at London's Wembley, in which teams will fight for 1, 2, 3, 4 places.
  2. It will be impossible to say whether all games of the same level at EURO 2020 will cost the same. Many believe that citizens of each host country will be able to enter at lower prices.
  3. A place. Another important pricing factor is the stadium location. Traditionally the cheapest - on the last rows from the goalkeeper's goal. Most of all there are places in VIP-boxes with excellent visibility.

Many expect entry in some countries to be cheaper than in others. But this is unlikely - after all, the cost is determined by one organization. Most likely, it will establish a single price level for all countries. An exception may be the provision of discounts to citizens of the host country of a particular match.

Time is running fast and EURO 2020, which once seemed so far away, is getting closer every day. Many fans today are looking for a reliable way to purchase tickets for the leading European football championship. The official registration process for those wishing to see the championship will begin in the summer of 2019.

Watch the video: Uefa Euro 2020 Stadiums (November 2019).