Anniversaries of composers in 2020

Music, its rhythm, harmony awakens the imagination, makes you worry, feel pleasure, calm down after a hard day. Listening to the sounds, each of us feels, represents something of his own. All this could not be without composers creating works of incredible beauty. For many of them, the year 2020 would be or will be an anniversary. In this article, we will tell you about which particular composers will celebrate their anniversaries in 2020.

In January

In the first month of the year, music lovers will celebrate the anniversaries of several composers at once:

• 4.01 marks the 310th anniversary of the birth of Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, considered the founder of comic opera;

• On the 5th day of the month of 1880 a Russian pianist, musician Nikolai Metner was born;

• 7.01 would be 70 singer and writer Juan Gabriel;

• January 17 will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Russian composer, singer Igor Nikolaev;

• January 29 will be a jubilee for another Russian musician - Dmitry Malikov;

• On the penultimate day of the month, Isaac Dunaevsky, the author of 4 ballets and 11 operettas, a large number of songs that had become popular in Soviet times, would have turned 110. He wrote the tracks for the movie "Children of Captain Grant."

In February

In the second month of the year, February 26, fans of Mikhail Meerovich’s work will celebrate the centenary of his birth. The worker of culture is widely known for works for piano, stringed instruments.

Among other important dates of the month:
• 1.02 will be 40 years of Otto Notman, known for the songs "Moscow", "Insomnia", "Love in the distance."

• on the 3rd of the day he will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Shur;

• Already after 3 days, on the 6th, fans will congratulate Igor Matvienko, the composer of music for songs performed by the Lube and Factory groups.

In March

On the first day of the month, fans of the work of the brilliant composer - Waltz King Frederic Chopin will celebrate his 210th anniversary. Sonatas for piano, waltzes, nocturnes, polonaises left a unique mark in world musical culture.

The very next day, jazz fans will remember the legendary Kurt Weill. In 2020, 120 years will pass from the day of his birth.

On March 9, another jazz musician was born - Ornett Coleman. He is the founder of free jazz.

English composer Thomas Arn was born on March 12, 1710. He owns the authorship of the national song "Rule, Britain."

In April

The second spring month is rich in anniversaries of people who have dedicated themselves to music:

• An Indian musician, a member of Woodstock 1969, Ravi Shankar, would have turned 100 on April 7;

• Belarusian author Eduard Semenovich Hanok will celebrate his 80th birthday;

• Organist Jean Guillau did not quite live up to the 90th birthday. Born on April 18, he left January 26, 2019;

• Vienna opera lovers will definitely celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Ferenc (Franz) Lehar.

In May

The greatest Russian conductor, critic P.I. Tchaikovsky was born on May 7, 1840. As if there were no decades that passed since his death. The Nutcracker and Swan Lake delight listeners, ballet lovers to this day.

• May 10, exactly 260 years will pass from the birth of the author of the French Marseillaise - Claude Joseph Rouge De Lille;

• May 13 marks the 70th anniversary of the soul singer, piano virtuoso player Stevie Wonder;

• The 110th anniversary of jazz composer Eddie Rosner will be celebrated by lovers of this genre on May 26th.

In June

From the birthday of the greatest composer, author of symphonic, vocal, chamber works Robert Shumen marks 210 years in 2020. He could become one of the best pianists, but hurt his hand and became one of the greatest writers.

• On the first summer day, the 110th anniversary is celebrated by lovers of the work of Alexander Dolkhunyan, the author of Ryazan Madonnas. On the same day, 90 would have turned Yevgeny Ptichkin, famous for the songs "Daisies Hid", "Echo of Love." They were sung by Anna German, Maya Kristalinskaya, Joseph Kobzon;

• Valery Brovko, who worked with Vladislav Druzhinin and Eldar Ryazanov, did not live up to his 70th birthday for 5 years;

• On June 28, Nikolai Karetnikov would be 90, and Valery Pankov - 60.

In July

The seventh month of the year will be marked by the anniversary date of David Tukhmanov. July 20 marks 80 David Tukhmanov. The composer, people's artist wrote "These eyes are opposite," "Victory Day."

• fans of the Czech violinist Jan Kubelik will meet the 140th anniversary on 5.07;

• Literally in 2 days the 160th anniversary of the birth of the Austrian conductor Gustav Mahler will be celebrated;

• July 24, 140 will be Ernest Bloch. In modern melodies, he included elements from the Jewish worship.

In August

In 2020, August will be marked by the 270th anniversary of the famous opera writer Antonio Salieri. Fans of opera will honor the composer on the 18th. Among his students are Liszt, Beethoven. For many years, even centuries, he was accused of the death of Mozart. However, in 1997 all charges were dropped.

• Two years were not destined to live up to the 90th anniversary of the Estonian Velho Tormis. His portfolio includes soundtracks for films, music that adorns modern ballet and opera art;

• 15.08 marks 130 French ballet composer, operetta Jacques Iber. He is famous for the operas Angelica, The Wandering Knight, operettas, ballets, symphonic and chamber compositions;

• The life path of Ernst Kshenek began on August 23, 1900;

• On August 25, 40 actress Daria Charusha (Simonenko) will turn 40. She became famous thanks to the music for the movie "Hardcore", the songs "16", "Space".

In September

On the first day of the month is the 120th anniversary of Kazimierz Vilkomirsky. The famous teacher, cellist was born in 1900.

• 02.09 would have been noted by 90 Andrei Petrov. The musician became famous thanks to soundtracks to the famous Soviet films "Office Romance", "Old Robbers", "Cruel Romance";

• 80 years will be on September 15 to the American Paul Williams. A master of lyric songs, he became the author of music for such songs as "Rainy Days and Mountains", "Fill Your Heart";

• 09/23 fans of the rhythm and blues and blues styles will celebrate the 90th birthday of Ray Charles. Despite blindness, he became one of the brightest representatives of modern music.

In October

Contantin Liszt, with more than 500 songs in his piggy bank, was born on October 2. That day he would have turned 120.

• 12.10 guitarist Konstantin Chalykh’s birthday, in 2020 he will be 40 .;

• The anniversary date will be 30.10. Fans of violin and piano will celebrate the 230th anniversary of the Polish composer Karol Lipinsky. On the same day, exactly 100 years ago, Yakov Eshpai was born, who wrote compositions for piano and folk instruments.

In November

Exactly a century will pass on November 14 with the birth of Jan Frenkel. The composer became famous not only due to his violin playing, but also the authorship of music for radio performances, animated films and feature films.

• On 7.11 two famous musicians were born at once - the Hungarian pianist Ferenc Erkel and the Italian guitarist Luigi Legnani. Erkel is considered the founder of the Hungarian opera. Legnani became famous for his works written for violin and guitar;

• American pianist Aaron Copland was born on November 14th. In 2020, fans of the creator, pianist will celebrate his 120th anniversary;

• 40 years ago, on the 23rd day, Arthur Best (Petrosyan) was born;

• November 28 will be 50 Boris Zlenko, known under the pseudonym Spider.


The last month of the year in many European countries will be marked by the work of Ludwig van Beethoven. From the day when the famous German composer was born on December 17, 1770, 250 years will pass. In Germany, festive events will be held. They will pass in the hometown of the musician. The inhabitants of Bonn came up with a proposal to include Beethoven's music on the UNESCO cultural list.

But the month is rich in other anniversaries:

• In 2020, 130 years will be executed from the birthday of two music authors at once. Czech violinist, composer of works for ballet, opera Boguslav Martin was born on 8.12. And on the 11th there will be concerts in honor of Carlos Gardel;

• 12.22 marks 60 Mark Bridon;

• December 25, 80 will be an artist Levon Oganezov. The People’s Artist of Russia wrote compositions for the piano, television presenter, and concertmaster.

2020 will be the anniversary year for many composers. Many of them have long been dead, but their music lives in the hearts of people, pleases with beauty, harmony. Among them are authors of compositions for piano, violin, cello, guitar, the founders of jazz, blues, opera.

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