Land Rover lineup update in 2020

A significant expansion of the model range, the birth of a whole separate family of SUVs and high-quality modernization of both the technical part and the exterior - this is an incomplete list of ambitious plans set for themselves by the JLR leadership.

The situation with Brexit is still in a transitional period, and the company will never agree to lose the European market as such, therefore it will have to comply with the new ones - out of the heat - no matter how cool it is. Consequently, the percentage of plug-in hybrids and purely electric versions in the brand's proposals will only grow.

Revealing the details of the gifts that the British are going to put under the Christmas tree for motorists around the world, it is worth noting, first of all, that instead of the current six items in the model line in 2020, Land Rover will already contain 16 cars.

Mostly generated by the completely updated cult Defender, on the basis of which several SUVs will be built for different purposes and for the target audience, differing in dimensional characteristics and others.

In addition, the entire lineup for convenience will be sorted into three global auto groups: utilities, like Defender, sport-touring in off-road form factor - Freelander and Discovery analogues, positioned by the manufacturer as "cars for outdoor activities", as well as a premium division in as part of the Range Rover sub-brand.

However, we will not get ahead of ourselves and introduce the readers of our constant auto section with the latest JLR products for 2020 in order.

A new generation of Land Rover Defender and a family of SUVs based on it

The former Defender resigned back in 2016, and even then the company's design bureau made an official statement that it was done with the aim of completely processing the SUV and preparing it as a base for a large-scale family of “rogues” of varying degrees of efficiency and prestige in several bodies.

The platform for him was preferred to an all-aluminum one, the basic classics will be presented in both a five-door and a three-door version, and in addition a premium version, an open safari convertible, a pickup truck and a mega-pumped SUV are expected to debut simultaneously.

The technical part is going to be much more seriously unified with the rest of the models, which, in general, fits into the general strategy of streamlining and cheapening the model range. Most likely, two-liter four-cylinder diesel engines and gasoline engines will be installed on new Defenders, but for more serious versions they will take the most powerful six-cylinder units for 3 liters.

Be sure to complement the family and purely electric, however, so far with only one battery and motor, which indicates their very modest characteristics. However, the British do not exclude that a much more powerful plug-in hybrid will debut very soon.

Range Rover 2020: 5th generation

The anniversary generation of the luxury SUV, once the first to demonstrate the hybridization potential of the brand, is set to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the model. It is expected that all modifications, such as the SV Coupe and Sport, will be updated at the same time, and the second generation Evoque, as we recall, debuted in 2018, and on it, in fact, they rolled in a global update of the production branch.

Experts believe that all modifications will receive digital rear-view screens transmitting information from the corresponding cameras on the body, a Smart Settings system with advanced artificial intelligence that recognizes the user on the smartphone and automatically adapts to his habits and requirements, taking as the basis the settings statistics.

There will also be a new multimedia system with the last two 10-inch sensors, a digital dashboard, a full-color projection display, seat massage programs, an air ionizer and a wide range of interactions with gadgets from different manufacturers.

The specifics of technical characteristics have not yet been disclosed, it is only known that a fundamentally new modular architecture will significantly reduce the weight of the machine by increasing the percentage of aluminum parts, but without a revolution in the size range. And the motors are going to be positioned longitudinally.

The hybrid plug-in is likely to be introduced by the new English Ingenium six-cylinder engines paired with a modern electrical system. It is already known for sure that Ford will not use the services of Ford to create its electrified JLR models.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible 2020

Tata Motors confirmed that the special modification of the recently updated Evoque will debut on November 22, 2020. Externally, the car will be very similar to Velar, however, the specification for it has not been disclosed.

Fans and amateurs-designers fantasize on this subject, relying on avaricious rumors of brand’s functionaries, as well as on trial advertising teasers that deliveries will be carried out exclusively by a hybrid with the same Ingenium classics, or with three-cylinder one and a half ralitroviks to a standard electric motor, which will be common with the new Range Rover models. Recall, this is a 48-volt unit with 296 hp. And that’s all - under the nine-speed automatic transmission ZF.

It is interesting that the “transfer” to a new platform for the car will result in an increase in the center distance, thanks to a wider wheelbase, as well as an increase in the length and size of the wheels.

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2020: 2nd Generation

The model will receive another grille and a completely redesigned front panel, including new lighting with horizontally located LEDs at the bottom. Although the profile does not change much, serious surprises await us at the back with a more sloping geometry and the absence of sharp stampings, as well as with twin exhaust pipes at the bottom.

Whether the model will be purely hybrid, or whether the plug-in version will simply be included in a number of modifications, is still unknown. But, on actual tests, apparently, it was the ecological option that was noticed.

As for the interior, according to information from insiders, it will change little - we can still enjoy the same premium comfort of massage seats made of high-quality leather with double decorative stitching, multi-zone climate control, variably adjustable lighting and a stylish metal finish. There will be fewer physical buttons, switches and knobs in the control, yes, and the dashboard design itself will become more streamlined.

It is expected that the functions of mechanical regulators will be shifted to a digital panel, which for this reason can increase in size. There will be much more space inside due to a completely new architecture.

Well, it’s obvious that they are not ready for a massive expansion into the car market in JLR yet, in principle, nobody really expected this from their niche, however, they still promise a lot of serious changes regarding his work. And very soon. And we are talking not only about the bulk electrification of models, but also about advanced electronics technologies. Including the work on their own autopilot, whose prototype recently began its testing.

We wish them every success and we promise to continue to closely monitor the news of this car brand, promptly informing our readers about them.

Watch the video: 2020 Land Rover Defender Lineup (November 2019).