New 2018 Opel models

Opel seems to be embarking on a complete reformatting of its lineup. Which, in truth, for many years, even against the background of traditional competitors in terms of prestige, does not look too convincing. Until the beginning of 2021, the company intends to withdraw from production three models and present the public with the premiere of 8 new ones.

All this fits perfectly with the brand’s “recovery plan” adopted in 2017, in connection with its purchase by PSA. Recall that that landmark deal gave the French not only Opel, but also Vauxhall, and in total it “pulled” 1.3 billion euros.

The Rüsselheim Engineering Center, the five factories that produced the original units and six assembly shops, not counting the full staffing - all this has now become the property of the PSA, which at once transferred it to the league of the largest automakers in Europe, increasing its market share by as much as 6%.

Personnel shifts are already behind, including downsizing and even a decrease in the number of top managers. Behind and the adoption of a long-term development plan. And it implies the removal of German cars from losses by 2020, and even more than that: an increase in operating profit this year to 2%, and by 2026 to 6%.

However, an agreement was reached with GM that the Opel models will use the technical achievements of the former owner until the new owner comes up with something to replace them with. That is, their electric cars will continue their production and development in any form.

In addition, all updates and new models will use the more modern, cost-effective and efficient Peugeot and Citroen platforms.

Second generation Opel Mokka X

It is expected that the second Mokka on its own shoulders will stretch the brand-owned percentage of crossover sales in the total share of models up to 40%.

Auto will get rid of expensive and, in principle, not so necessary for this compact city crossover all-wheel drive and mechanical transmission. But it will look much more stylish, getting ready to argue for the freshness of the design with the best creations of the Korean and Japanese automobile industry, adopting a coupe-like style, very reminiscent of the appearance of the GT X Experimental concept.

The second generation is going to put batteries at 50 kW * h, capable of riding around 300 km without recharging. And in the lineup of this car is destined to occupy a niche between Crossland X and the new Grandland X.

Updates Opel Insignia, Astra, Zafira. In one line

Little is known about the specifics of the changes with respect to these models. However, Opel’s rumors about plans to duplicate its entire range of proposals in electric versions by 2020, or at least in plug-in hybrids, allude to them very eloquently.

However, it is not clear whether this step will be combined with a similarly planned transfer to the new platform of this trinity of flagships. Although, according to analysts, both Insignia and Astra will use modular EMP2 before the end of 2020. Moreover, information has already flickered in trustworthy publications that the first will also receive a nice facelift, which will perform completely in the stream of the demonstrated strategy of the new design of the PACE program.

As for Zafira, there are two possible scenarios: either it will be transformed into a seven-seater crossover, an analogue of the 5008th Peugeot, or simply removed from the scene. This is not surprising, because according to statistics, the demand in compact vans in Europe and the world as a whole is getting smaller every year, but the crossover market is blooming and smelling like never before. Moreover, the German-French, now already, concern has analogues of this exotic with an already existing audience.

Special Edition Opel Insignia Sports Tourer

Recently, spy renders recorded a run-in of the new Insignia Sports Tourer body in the station wagon, the creation of which they decided to coincide with facelift in the wake of the new design strategy of the mother model.

Recall that its distinctive and highly recognizable feature will be the intersection of two lines with a nameplate in the center on a false radiator, as well as a massive fold on the hood, emphasizing the presence of an axis of symmetry. A horizontal chrome strip with wings turning into daytime running lights completes the look of the “muzzle”.

Details of the technical specifications of this modification will probably be found out later. However, there is no doubt that they will clearly fit into the new exhaust standards, which will come into force in 2020, and will also offer the construction of conglomerate on new modular platforms, allowing you to easily switch to options with plug-in hybrids and electric motors.

The electric version of the second generation Opel Vivaro

Renault's direct competitor Trafic in the European market, Opel Vivaro, updated a year earlier, is preparing to get its rightful electric version in 2020.

So far, we don’t know anything about the technical characteristics of the van, but we can expect that the parameters will be approximately the same as those to which the third Citroën Jumpy is going to be updated in the near future.

Electric version of the sixth generation Opel Corsa

The base of the next generation of the popular hatch Kors debuted, as we know, in March 2019. When the publication received the latest SMR platform, which only the DS3 Crossback subcompact could boast of before it.

By analogy with it, exactly in a year Corsa will be able to boast of its upgrade to the electric version, most likely, with approximately the same parameters. And this means that to please his owners with a capacity of 136 hp. with a power reserve of 300 km. The battery is expected to be standard at 50 kWh, and it will fully charge in 5-7 hours, and up to quite acceptable 80% in just half an hour.

Personnel losses

The mentioned reduction in the lineup will affect several models that do not fit into the concept of conquering the mass sales segment. This is a niche Cascada convertible, as well as miniature Karl and Adam hatchbacks. In the prices of 2020, they will no longer be, so if you had thoughts to get them, we advise you to hurry.

Instead of an afterword

Well, PSA, perhaps, like no one else, is able to get the auto brand out of the crisis: in 2013 they themselves had a loss of 2.8%, and two years later they showed a profit of 5%.

Over the next five years, Opel will gradually switch to the use of only two modular platforms (EMP2 and СМР) at the same time as the French, which will significantly reduce financial costs, and only four power units will be left to choose from - but they are modern, economical and efficient. And, of course, the "green" - the French, as we know, today on this subject a real fad.

In the long run, it is planned to achieve a 50% unification of the Peugeot, Citroen and Opel models so that production can be shuffled at the capacities of plants in both countries, as you like, and thereby be able to further reduce their cost.

By the way, about the general hybridization and “transfer” to fully electric “rails”: in 2020, Opel will have four similar models, including Corsa, which in its sixth generation has become an electric car, and the Grandland X hybrid SUV. By 2024 but they promise that in the lineup there will not be a single offer without a pair or a single electric motor.

In addition, according to current trends, there will be a massive expansion in the crossover market.

In general, in 2020, sales are going to double, and in two years to enter two dozen new markets. In particular, in Brazilian, Chinese, Argentinean and Taiwanese. Well, wait and see - this German-French community will be able to realize their plans. Naturally, wishing them success and, of course, an early return to our market.

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