Eastern horoscope for 2020 for the Pig

Checking your actions and plans with the horoscope is a very prudent and far-sighted habit that helps to avoid many annoying mistakes, prepare for inevitable failures and be more attentive to periods of luck in order to be able to remove the maximum cream from them. And even if you do not trust the western zodiac, then it is not just intuition - the voice of reason - that orders to listen to the eastern zodiac.

After all, the thousand-year-old tradition that has found reflection in it, collects, analyzes and systematizes observations of a person, his character and behavior, compares all this with what is happening in the world around him, looking for patterns, deserves at least admiration.

And, frankly, agree, a billion and a third people can not be mistaken at the same time? Something in this, of course, is ...

Of course, each forecast, including the Chinese one, is a certain set of probabilities, and it always bears a warning and descriptive character rather than a guide to action.

Therefore, it’s essentially stupid to be indignant if some part of the horoscope has not come true: what if the chain of decisions you made did not coincide with the ideal that is necessary for a 100% chance of consequences? However, the benefits of all this, too, are, and rather big.

Even beyond what was mentioned at the beginning of our conversation today. After all, read all these tips and tricks: in fact, this is a completely working and universal collection of rules and norms, according to which it will be easier for the owner of certain character traits to live. Which is not surprising, because they were composed of subtle connoisseurs of human nature.

Well, we will no longer torment our readers who were born in the Year of the Pig (in 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983 and 2007), and share with them what we were provided by our Chinese colleagues who made the forecast for 2020.

What to do so that in 2020 luck smiles at you?

So, in 2020 we, as you know, wait for the arrival of the year of the Metal Rat. He will be very difficult and interesting, and in particular, his mistress specifically against you, dear Pigs, has nothing wrong.

With a favorable set of circumstances, the desire to move towards and "comply" on your part, you two have very good chances to make friends, and very strong. Although, of course, there is no question of ideal compatibility, so you still have to work on yourself.

Your determination and zeal will certainly affect the strings of the Rat’s soul. And the ability to maintain endurance and calmness even in the most problematic situations will deserve her respect. You are very responsible, always bring the matter to the end, you can rely on you - she also likes it.

However, the fact that you are cooperating with other people only when you do not see another way out to solve the assigned task is what she will ask, at least temporarily, to get rid of. Remember, a year of fruitful collective work is coming, a year of mutual assistance and mutual support, so your individualism will be misunderstood.

More than once the Rat laughs more than once or twice at your gullibility, tickling your nerves with unpleasant positions into which you yourself drove yourself, following the lead of other people. To prevent this from happening - be extremely careful. And in everything!

Also, be sure to decorate the northern direction with African violets and a lily, as well as another symbolic decoration that calls for good luck in one or another sphere of life that interests you, and, by the way, one of the prevailing directions coincides with you with the Rat - the southwest. If you navigate there when working or on vacation, you will be saturated with a maximum of positive energy.

Of course, it’s nice, and that you and the hostess of the coming year have a lot in common. For example, love of gold color and a lucky number 2. But brown and yellow tones you venerate are better avoided, since they are disgusting to the Rat.

Still in the favorites: the figure 3, the second and fifth months of the Chinese calendar, as well as the 4th and 13th of each month - it is in them that they recommend doing all the important things. But it is better to refuse plans for the 5th and 9th, especially in the 4th and 12th months.

Horoscope for 2020 for the male Pig

After a difficult, but eventful and positive past year, the full owner of which you were, you have come to a period of prosperity, reaping the fruits of labor and success. In business, everything is on a high note and is stable. And if you have not yet arranged your fate, you will still have plenty of time for this this year.

In the past period, you had to restrain yourself, stay within the framework and a lot of things prevented you from achieving what you were striving for. Now, for all of you, as an indisputably long-awaited award and gift, you are given carte blanche.

You will discover a lot of talents that you did not even know about, you suddenly realize that you have monstrously developed your abilities. And by the middle of summer you will realize that you have achieved very pleasant heights absolutely everywhere.

True, there is a chance to lose touch with reality and slightly "star" from the flood of happiness, because of which in the second half of the year you can suddenly lose most of your acquisitions. But, from all this, the advice of wise people will be saved, with which you must definitely have time to surround yourself with this dangerous period. Look for reliable partners, more often listen to the opinion of the family, and everything will be fine with you.

Horoscope for a Female Pig for 2020

Our charming Pigs from permanent luck, unprecedented gifts of fate and fortunate coincidence may, in truth, be slightly dizzy. However, if you manage to enlist the support of experienced people, you can avoid the disastrous temptations for you and not only save, but also increase capital in all areas of your life.

The time has come for you not to take responsibility and hard work, which you have already been fed up with over the past year, but to have a good rest on your laurels and enjoy all the prizes that are rightfully due to you.

But, of course, this does not mean that you are destined to vegetate idle all year: be sure to spend it on revealing your hitherto unknown resources, develop your own talents, work on the implementation of old ideas and generate new ones. In a word, remember that this year everything is allowed to you! So do not miss your chance!

Love horoscope

This year, the Pig may lack love and understanding from the partner. And even a desire to radically change something in this area may even appear at all. Largely the reason for this is the gifts of fate that spoiled you, after which you were convinced that everything would get away with you, and whatever you think about, everything will end successfully.

Do not follow this seductive, but very dangerous thought: very soon, before the end of this year, you will definitely need an all-understanding, unconditionally supporting and pitying shoulder next to you - do not cut the branch on which you sit! It will end badly!

If you are not already in a relationship, you will certainly find someone who will charm you with his honesty, sensuality and attentiveness to your problems - exactly the person with whom you will be able to share success and possible falls in the future.

Pay special attention to future acquaintances or already held with the Tigers, Rabbits and Goats - these are your ideal soul mates. But relations with Snakes and Monkeys are contraindicated to you - remember this!

Career and Finance

You are very neat, motivated and conscientious - at the beginning of the year, your leadership will definitely notice these qualities of yours, thanks to which you will begin your triumphant climb up the career ladder and significantly improve your material well-being.

However, in order to maintain your reputation as an extremely valuable and productive employee, do not forget to give free rein to creative approaches to solving problems, do your job creatively, with a twinkle. In this case, be sure to work in a team - among like-minded people. So your efficiency will increase at times.

In general, after the initial take-off, an extremely stable and positive year in business awaits you. The main thing is to try to find reliable partners as early as possible so that they can help you answer the challenges of the end of the year and not just save everything you earned, but also multiply it at times.

By the way, about finances, pamper yourself, of course - you deserve it, but remember that the Rat loves prudent and thrifty. Therefore, clearly observe the line between encouragement and waste. Otherwise, you will be severely punished for this very soon. Be sure to make some kind of accumulation, while the situation allows it.

Pig Health in the Year of the Rat

Remember that you are a person who is keen on everything. And since your opportunities have significantly increased this year, then the chances of significantly spoiling your health by overeating, excessive alcohol libations and other vices grow significantly. Do not forget about sports, observe proper nutrition, and also fight stress the best medicine for you - sleep.

Here is such, without exaggeration, a wonderful and endlessly successful year awaits our pig-readers. And we believe that all their dreams will certainly come true in them!

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