Changes in maternity capital in 2020

Maternity capital is a social program of the Russian Federation aimed at financially supporting families with two or more children, with the goal of improving the quality of life of citizens, stimulating an increase in the birth rate, and supporting state development priorities.

The State Duma extended it in December 2017 until only until the end of 2021, but the authorities plan to continue to support demographic growth in this way. So many hope that this will continue.

The recipients of assistance are families whose members are citizens of the Russian Federation, who have given birth or adopted a second child, and the program itself was launched in 2007. Then payments amounted to a quarter of a million rubles, but the annual indexation over the years raised them to the level of 453 thousand.

True, this was observed back in 2015, and since then there has not been a single increase. Payments are made from state targeted subsidies of the Pension Fund.

What will change in maternity capital since 2020

A few years ago, only parents could use materiel in the interests of children from their three years of age. Unless it was about the means of social adaptation of children with disabilities, as well as the payment of interest on a social loan for housing and an initial contribution to it.

However, then the list of coverage was significantly expanded, and the age deferral of use was abolished. In addition, they returned to the question of the need to index accruals, and also promised to do everything possible so that the question of freezing, so stirring up the public, would no longer be raised.

Payout Indexing

Maxim Topilin, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, confirmed the information that the temporary suspension of indexation due to the difficult economic situation in the country has come to an end. Beginning in 2020, all social payments will be indexed, including mother capital. And this practice will again become annual, always keeping up with, or even outstripping the rate of inflation.

The state budget for 2019 and the planned 2020-2021 has already been incorporated directly from February 1, 2020, indexation. And about 292 billion rubles have been allocated for these purposes.

Recall that the projected inflation rate in 2020 will be 3.8%, and in 2021 - 4%. Not only newly issued certificates are subject to indexation, but also those that people already have in their hands, and even partially used up (in the amount of the balance).

Amount and size of charges

In 2019, the amount of maternity capital was 453,026 rubles, and if a rate of 4% is provided for its indexation for 2020, therefore, the amount will increase to 470,241 rubles. In 2021, an increase to 489,051 rubles is expected.

In the middle of autumn 2018, the State Duma adopted amendments to the relevant Federal Law, halving the time for consideration of an application for a certificate of maternity capital. Now the petition must be approved within fifteen days. Also, for convenience, you can simultaneously apply for a monthly allowance from these funds for a second child.

How to draw up maternity capital

As before, the mother of the child (native or adoptive), or the father in the event of the death of the mother, the deprivation of her parental rights, or when he is the only adoptive parent, applies for the receipt.

If the mother cannot participate in the extradition, and the father is deprived of parental rights, or he is step-mother to one of the children, then the right to receive is transferred to the children themselves. Adoption of stepdaughters and stepsons - children of the second spouse, taking custody of children does not give rise to the right to maternity capital.

A state certificate of the corresponding property is a security in the name of the owner, confirming the financial obligations of the state in relation to him in case of birth / adoption of a second child in the context of the norms established by law.

The deadline for submitting an application after the right to receive capital is unlimited. It issues a PFR certificate, and it is also an enumerator of funds if used.

To do this, the Pension Fund maintains a register of persons who have received MSCs from him, and in order to consider your issue at the regional branch of the organization, you should make an appointment in advance. You can apply for a certificate both at the place of registration, and where you actually live or temporarily reside.

In addition to personal admission to the FIU, paper can be obtained by submitting an application through the IFC, sending it by mail, leaving it on a single portal of public services or in your personal account on the PF website. In the last two cases, you must have an official electronic digital signature. You can submit all documents in person, or they can do this by proxy for you.

The right to MSCs arises only once. If a third child has appeared, then the amount does not increase and the document is not issued again. The application for extradition shall indicate the following:

  • Name of applicant
  • citizenship, date of birth, passport or identification document details,
  • address,
  • the data of all children, even those who were born after the one you claimed to be born, and the order of birth of the one you claim.

Remember that if you plan to start up the materiel to improve housing conditions in the future, then the apartment or house should be owned by all family members, including children, up to the one for which the certificate is issued.

In addition, served:

  • birth certificates (of all children!) with confirmation of the citizenship of the child for whom the MSC is issued;
  • passport;
  • adoption decision, if any;
  • if the right to receive a certificate is terminated for one of the above reasons, documents confirming this are submitted;
  • death certificate of a child who has lived more than five days and managed to get a birth certificate - taken into account in the queue for the provision of MSCs.

Rumors about freezing maternity capital

Recall that just before 2017, President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin signed a decree on freezing the indexation of maternal capital until the beginning of 2020. They took such an unpopular measure, based on the catastrophic situation in the economy, which had experienced all the consequences of the current crisis.

Consequently, everyone who is entitled to payments under this state aid from the beginning of the new year can expect that they will finally be returned the right to increase it.

Insiders from government circles completely dismiss requests to comment on rumors about the imminent new phase of freezing the capital, which are so actively circulated in society now. Allegedly, there is no and cannot be objective soil under their occurrence. Well, so far no top-level decisions on this issue have been made, and we will take a look at what will happen in the future.

What can I use mat capital

Previously, maternity capital expenditures were very, very limited by law, but today their list has been substantially expanded, meeting the wishes of families with children, given the current situation in the country.

In 2020, it will be possible to spend it on paying off mortgages, though only taken after the birth of the children - this was done in order to make people replenish the family responsibly, without using it as a tool to improve their living conditions.

Also, as before, these payments can be allowed on:

  • improvement of current living conditions,
  • purchase of a new house or apartment,
  • reconstruction of old housing,
  • children's education (now it can be done right from the age of two months, and not wait for growing up, as before);
  • maternal retirement.

If you decide not to use the entire amount, but to split it in parts for monthly support of the current needs for the maintenance of the baby, then the mechanism of mandatory proof of family belonging to the category of the poor also remained. And in a month they will give out only equal to the size of the minimum subsistence level for children currently established.

How to find out the balance of payments

According to the law, the FIU must annually send to the address indicated in the design documents the information about the balance in the personal account of the accrued material capital. If you do not receive it, then either you have not issued SNILS, or you changed your address without notifying the Pension Fund about it.

Information can be corrected, if necessary, through a personal account on the fund's website, or in person in its territorial bodies.

How did mothercapital prove to be useful in practice?

Sociologists argue that although there was a short-term surge in fertility after the start of the program - for the first time in many years, it even exceeded mortality - but this picture cannot be constantly maintained.

Especially, in the conditions of recent news, when there were problems with indexing, there were generally serious fears that the program would be closed altogether, which significantly upset the already existing parents, and also made us think about postponing the delivery dates of those who were just about to decide on this step.

But, in general, for already established users of this targeted assistance, and only for those who are preparing to participate in the program, this is a good help and help in solving financial and housing problems, which are invariably gaining relevance in connection with the birth of children in families.

You must admit that almost half a million rubles, even at modern prices, is an increase in the chances of improving your housing situation in order to give yourself and your children the opportunity to live in decent conditions, provide children with a good education, and also cover part of the cost of their maintenance, if necessary.

According to the Federal State Statistics Service, in Russia there are now 17 million families with small children. Of these, almost a third are incomplete - where the father or mother are forced to raise their offspring alone. The number of large families last year exceeded the mark of one and a half million, and this figure is constantly growing.

In just 12 years of the program, more than eight million certificates for maternity capital have been issued, and more than half of them are currently considered to be completely expended.

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